The Tourniquet Killer   Tonight, the State of Texas (that’s us) executed (killed) Anthony Shore, otherwise known as the tourniquet killer.   Though the stories are slightly different, the result is the same. They were all murdered.   Laurie Tremblay was 14.   Maria Estrada was 21.   Diana Rebollar was 9.   Dana Sanchez was 16.   Though the story is slightly different, the result is the same. He was murdered.   Anthony Shore was 55.   Who… Read more

  “Fuck this shit.” Zack was beyond angry. “Another nigger coworker?!?” Heading to the door of the factory, Zack stopped. He knew the truth. “I can’t leave.” There was nowhere else he was going to find a job with this good of pay and this good of hours. “I have a child to feed now.” Cindy never left his mind. Turning around, Zack headed back to his station and stood right next to Forest. They would work together for three… Read more

  We don’t get many outright victories. The work is hard and moral victories are what we are most accustomed to. While the knowledge that we are steadily moving the cause of justice along is satisfying, it is always a beautiful thing when justice breaks through swiftly and mightily. Just this past week, I saw it. The hand of God moved in a way that was as remarkable as it was unmistakable.   Just a few days ago, I wrote… Read more

  “I want you to welcome your new coworker!” The grocery store was in the heart of Atlanta. For years, the food-filled aisles had been his home. When the manager introduced a black man, Zack Drillard walked out and never looked back. “I ain’t workin’ with no goddamn nigger!”   She ain’t much to look at. I’m just hungry for some pussy. We’ve been fucking for a while. She wants to say we’re dating. As long as she gives me… Read more

  Though I have many dear friends that are United Methodist and love many of the teachings of Methodism, I hate the United Methodist Church. I hate the unity at all costs mentality. I hate the silence. I hate the caution. I hate the ists and isms that the denomination perpetuates. I could go on all day. So, let me make it very clear…this is no puff piece.   Sitting at a United Methodist divinity school (Emory) while pursuing one… Read more

  “They’re fucking our women. They’re stealing our shit. They’re slitting our throats. We are at the mercy of the niggers. I’m just about ready to kill me one. Who’s with me?” I was six. I learned early. My white skin was all I needed to survive. God chose me to be in the master race and I wasn’t going to let him down.   I never knew much about my dad. I knew more about my granddad. Everybody said… Read more

  “What would you like to be when you grow up?” The question pumped fear through my veins. I tried to grabbed my thoughts…but they wouldn’t come. Finally, I stood my tallest and answered defiantly, “I want to be the President of the United States of America…just like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” My teacher didn’t correct me. I still don’t know why. I guess my classmates didn’t know enough to correct me. Ultimately, I figured it out on my… Read more

    Death was in the air. Every step felt heavier than the last. The dew was soaking my shoes. Looking up, I saw the little mountain cabin. I didn’t want to go in. I hesitated. The old cabin door swung open with a loud creak. The room was so familiar and not familiar at all. It’d been so long. I didn’t know what to do.   Mom rushed over. Her warm embrace made me forget about everything…for a second…. Read more

  The mountains have never been kind to my family. People just keep on getting rich off our kind. The haves have all that there is to have. We don’t have a damned thing. Once or twice, I tried to consider what it might be like to live like that…but when it came right down to it…I couldn’t even muster up the head magic to know where to start. I know it’s wrong. I just didn’t know what to do… Read more

December 31, 2017     *annual letter to the editor on the death penalty     Learn to love again     Christopher Wilkins, Terry Edwards, Rolando Ruiz, James Bigby, TaiChin Preyor, Robert Pruett and Ruben Ramirez.   Supposedly, their demise made us safer. I doubt that you’ve heard these names. I doubt that you know you killed them.     These are the names of persons who we executed this year. To say they were executed by the state… Read more

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