Nobody has to tell any of us.  We live in dangerous times.  Messages of hate permeate our entire culture.  Justice and equality are under constant threat of extinction.  Truth is manufactured.  Love is fake.  How now shall we live?  Our only options are to fight or to die.  Jesus fought.  We will too.   My life was forever changed that night.  I feel like I talk about it too much.  It’s hard not to talk about something… Read more

    This is not a guide to making love.  We will let the professionals take care of that.  This is something else.   Have you ever been locked up or locked in?  I have…but not in the sense that I’m getting at.  You see, what I’m about to describe is an event.  As problematic as I now realize such phrasing is, “lock in” or “lock up” were our names for overnight youth events.  One night, I hung out with… Read more

    Hands and fists were flung wildly in the air.  Jesus was being lifted high.  I had my eyes clothed.  Then, I felt someone tapping me on my shoulder.  Startled, I jumped as if I had just had an encounter with the risen God.  I hadn’t.  It was time to go.   Winter is dark in the South.  Ghosts ride on every chill.  I felt them all. The road was dark.  In the high beams, I searched for the light. In… Read more

    “People are dying. Unless you want to save them…we have nothing else to talk about.”   “Can’t we just talk civilly?”   “Civility is an evil word most often used by evil people to put up a smokescreen in front of their evil actions or inactions.”   “I just think we are missing each other.”   “No. You are missing the point.”   “Isn’t it beautiful that we are so blessed to live in a country where we… Read more

  I was alone. I am often alone. I don’t try to go there. I just do. I was writing. My work has long called me to spaces of solitude. In the midst of it all, something in my spirit moved. I moved with it. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the news, “Pope John Paul II Dead.” One name and one word can have so much power over us. Such a combination can turn our… Read more

  The God I Do Not Know   For years, you have struggled to find the perfect toys for your child. You want him to have fun. You want him to learn. You simply want him to be a kid. Your son treasures his independence. So, you leave him to play in his room. So as not to disturb him, you quietly walk toward his room. Peaking your head around the door, you realize he is gone. Panic sets in…. Read more

  For the second time in less than a week, I was forwarded an email from a pastor to their congregation explaining their process for responding to the migrant separation crises. Both emails went something like this:   Greetings.   I am writing to express my grave concern about the separation of immigrant families on our border. We must respond quickly to this atrocity. The Gospel of Jesus Christ demands it!   Our social justice group is meeting in a… Read more

    *From Congressman Michael Burgess’ Townhall at Denton High School in Denton, Texas on 06/18/2018     JH (Jeff Hood): Dr. Burgess my name is Reverend Dr. Jeff Hood I’m a theologian and an activist here in North Texas.   CB (Congressman Burgess): I’m familiar with your work.   JH: I want to begin by saying that I am very angry at you right now. I find the things that I hear from you in the media to be… Read more

    Is estrangement always a negative thing? We certainly treat it that way. “I’ve been estranged from my brother for decades.” “I haven’t talked to my kids in years.” “I never want to talk to so and so again.” “You are dead to me.” These statements produce horror. There is an assumption that such estrangements are the worst thing that could happen. Maybe not.   “There is nothing you will ever do that will pull me away from you.”… Read more

  *Delivered on June 14, 2018   First of all, I don’t speak Spanish. I’m sorry. With that said, I do speak love. I understand what love looks like in practice. I do understand that keeping children in cages is not love. I brought my son with me today. There is a part of me that wants him to know how lucky he is to not be in one of these cages. But the bigger part of me, wants him… Read more

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