October 15, 2018

  The Devil is a Mainline Protestant named Jonah   Church. I hate getting up for that shit. I always stay up too late the night before. I guess Saturday night doesn’t lend itself to thoughts of Sunday morning. Regardless, I opened my eyes and started to get up. Something pulled at my ankles. I looked underneath the covers and I saw a red hand. As my grandmother used to say, “The devil don’t ever want you to go to… Read more

October 9, 2018

  Rage is Salvation   You shout peace…peace…and there is no peace. If I give all that I have to justice, but do not have rage, I am well intentioned.   Rage is impatient. Rage is not kind. Rage is envious. Rage is demanding. Rage celebrates. Rage challenges. Rage champions. Rage rages. Rage keeps a meticulous record of wrongs. Rage delights in the destruction of injustice. Rage protects the oppressed. Rage trusts the oppressed. Rage hopes with the oppressed. Rage… Read more

October 3, 2018

    There is power in prayer.  Though I didn’t have a map, I knew which way to go.  God was always speaking to me.  Before I knew it, I was holding a cross high in the air.  Jesus died for moments like this…to show us the way. I knew that my every step was being guided.  There is power in realizing where power comes from.  There is a wellspring of life there.  In a small valley within a larger valley,… Read more

October 1, 2018

  We sent our daughter to her grandparents.  She’d been asking to go all week.  To say that she loved it over there is an understatement.  She felt alive there.  Throughout the night, they watched movies and ate treats. Giggles and laughter filled every room.  The house was a sanctuary.  When it came time to go to bed, they had to convince her to go.  As soon as her head hit the pillow, she was out.  Her grandparents chuckled about the… Read more

October 1, 2018

  In one month, I turn 35.  The older I get the stranger it is to grow old.  I have a dear friend that’s dying.  He says he’s not afraid. I don’t see how that’s possible.  I’m often afraid of living.  Then, moments find me that save me.   As the moss bounced up and down, I carried my cross.  The mountains drew me.  The rocks reminded me.  The chill awakened me.  The air gave me life.  Every bounce pronounced… Read more

September 30, 2018

  Polyamorous post.   “You’re going to hell!!!”  While not the first time I’d seen the line in my inbox, there was something different about this one.  I felt that this person was more frightened than hateful.  After giving it time, I messaged the person back.  In a very calm manner, I asked the person to engage me in dialogue.  They weren’t having it.  “You’re going to hell!!!”  Most of the time, I don’t even reply to shit like this. I… Read more

September 27, 2018

  “Be fruitful and multiply!”   Presently, I’m on my way to perform a polyamorous wedding.  This is my first time.  Though I’m not quite sure what to expect, I know that God will be there.  God is always there when some multiplying is going on.   We used to have an old preacher that would climb up into the pulpit and scream about the downfall of marriage in our society.  I’m not sure if he didn’t have any other… Read more

September 18, 2018

United Methodist of All Colors Walk for Justice? // Injustice in Dallas   Is this a joke? Sadly, I don’t think so.  Local United Methodists have organized a, “United Methodist of All Colors Walk for Justice.”  This is some “All Lives Matter” respectability bullshit.  It must be called out.   Back in 2015, I was marching through the streets of Dallas.  “No justice!  No peace!”  “Whose streets?  Our streets!”  “Say his name!”  There was no doubt that we were growing louder… Read more

September 16, 2018

  “Come to the table…”  These three words change lives.  The table beckons us to be something new.  Communion is magical.  One is able to taste and see that God is good.  However, not all tables are quite so magical.  For some, the words “Come to the table…” are an invitation to exclusion or even annihilation.   The table was round. National activist groups always seem to have round tables.  I’ve been told that the roundness of it is a symbol… Read more

September 12, 2018

  “Cowardice in the face of injustice is damnable.  God is not mocked.  In this time of brutality, you will reap what you sow.”   Bullets fire. Bullets strike.  Bullets kill.   Jesus got ahead of the bullets.   Leaving work, Jesus had to take a second to compose himself in his car.  After a few deep breathes, he headed home.  Though the drive was short, Dallas had a way of making sure that it was hell.  Though he never liked… Read more

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