February 15, 2020

  What does the Dalai Lama offer us now?   The Dalai Lama: Traditionalist or Modernist     The Dalai Lama represents a tradition existent since 1391.  This tradition is intensely religious and highly irrational based on modern conceptions of logic and rationality.  Any belief in reincarnation is certainly not a modern construct and challenges modern notions of what is logical.  Religion is not a modern construct.  Enlightenment sensibilities have ushered in a time of philosophical skepticism and aversion to… Read more

February 7, 2020

    February 7, 2020   Private Things : Limited Rights : Engagements with Healthcare How private are your healthcare choices?   Not as private as you would think. “The Right to Privacy”: It’s Creation, Consequence, and Future with Regard to Healthcare       Legal Background:     In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 17, 1787 the Constitutional Convention of a young United States of America adopted a binding framework through which to legally covenant themselves to each other.  One… Read more

February 7, 2020

February 7, 2020   From Kevorian to Schiavo: Ethics at the End of Life   Over the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking about ethical dilemmas that find us at the end of life. Just yesterday, I wrote about Dr. Jack Kevorkian and assisted suicide.  Earlier today, I stumbled across this paper about Terri Schiavo that I wrote during my graduate studies in healthcare ethics at Creighton University.  Though more of a historical paper, I think it helps further illustrate how… Read more

February 4, 2020

February 4, 2020   Dr. Jack Kevorkian: Friend of God   Do you believe in a “Right to Die”?  For many years, I didn’t…until I found the love of Jesus in a man named Dr. Jack Kevorkian. His struggle for a “Right to Die” has got to be one of the most loving crusades that has ever been led. Starting in 1990, Dr. Kevorkian controversially…and later illegally…assisted over two hundred people in the taking of their-own lives.  In 2011, after being… Read more

February 2, 2020

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January 31, 2020

      Someone recently asked me to construct a theology of racial inclusion based on the Bible.  This is what I came up with…       Introduction       “The Bible says plain as day that white people are chosen by God…  It’s absolutely of the devil to say otherwise…  Haven’t you been listening to the preacher?  Blacks are just not on the same level when it comes to God.”  These comments occasionally filled my brain when… Read more

January 29, 2020

    The Definition of Justice: Love or Revenge // Howard Thurman v. Michael Bell   Howard Thurman, in his Jesus and the Disinherited, and Michael Bell, in his God Hates Fags, have different ways of talking about the construction of oppression, enemies, and what one should do after the construction of such enemies.  Such constructions determine if the work will actually lead to a sustainable peace or if the work will lead to the continuation physical and emotional violence. … Read more

January 26, 2020

  These thoughts were adapted from the work of social ethicist Dr. Robin Lovin.  In fact, this is an attempt to create a brief description of his thought.  Lovin was important in the development of my early theological understandings of the self and the other.  I guess you could say that his work was a launching point for my journey into more explosive things.     “When we encounter a gracious God in the midst of actual ethical life, that… Read more

January 16, 2020

  Decolonizing Jesus? : Is this a joke?   While I’m sure they mean well, I’m also sure that they are misguided at best.  Lately, I have stumbled across multiple white folk posting about the need to decolonize Jesus.  On it’s face, the sloganeering seems incredibly positive.  I mean who wouldn’t want all of the isms purged from theological manifestations adopted as canonical by the western church. The problem is that the phrase ” Decolonize Jesus” will never get you there. … Read more

January 7, 2020

    “The shooting at a White Settlement church last Sunday that left two men dead has rocked communities of faith, leaving many to wonder how congregants can feel safe again in their places of worship.   Fort Worth Police Chief Ed Kraus is asking officers who attend faith services to do what they can to add a sense of security by wearing their uniforms.   Kraus took to Twitter late Friday to implore his officers belonging to a religion to wear… Read more

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