How to Christmas #2: say thank you

How to Christmas #2: say thank you December 21, 2013

The older I get, the more Grinch-y I am at the beginning of the holiday season. The decorations just seem to be more chaos in the midst of my unfolded laundry. The cards and gifts are names on a list that I’m trying to get done before it’s too late. The extra church services take energy away from accomplishing goals. I remember that I used to really love Christmas but I can’t quite remember why.

And then, gifts and cards start coming my way. I receive notes of thanks and news of people I love. I realize that twelve months have gone by. Twelve months that I have lived an interconnected life with people around the globe – friends, co-workers, family. The holiday season and the coming end of the year is a way to mark all that has come and gone. It is a time where I have a really good excuse to say thank you.

All year, people have given to you, collaborated with you, made your work and life possible. Who are they? They deserve much more than a quick signature on a card. Here are a few ideas:
– write a hand-written note
– send a heartfelt e-mail or leave a note on Facebook or Twitter
– take them aside, look them in the eye and say: “I am so grateful for all you’ve contributed this year.”

It doesn’t take much – just intentionality and the humility to recognize that your life is not all about you. Take this opportunity to invest in the web of mutuality that has been given to you – the greatest gift you will ever receive.

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