Notes on the John Allison Story

Notes on the John Allison Story August 29, 2012

1. Jeremy Lott’s Diary received a long response from someone close to the Ayn Rand Institute who has requested anonymity. I have decided to grant that and give my informant the codename Deep Galt — purely because the name amuses me.

2. The first communique from Deep Galt will be spooled out here over the next few days, starting in an hour or so.

3. Some folks assume I have an axe to grind with John Allison. Not so. Just read the first of two things I wrote about the man and you’ll see that I actually had a favorable impression of him. I simply want to know what he had to say to a roomful of Ayn Rand devotees, because the reports I have been able to find contradict what he had to say to the folks at Cato in ways that could lead to serious conflicts once he takes over as president.

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