Objectivist Humor–No, Really

Objectivist Humor–No, Really September 15, 2012

This being my one and only day off, I thought I’d take a break from the serious subject of the brewing John Allison-Cato Institute-Ayn Rand Institute scandal to marvel at the jaw-droppingly awesome podcasts of Ayn Rand Institute founder Leonard Peikoff.

The man will answer practically any question readers put to him. That openness may be commendable, but it also invites mischief makers and trolls. To see what I mean, here are a few of the questions that he answers:

Ayn Rand said that Objectivism is a philosophy for living on earth. If moon or Martian colonies are created what happens to her description?

If Kant is the worst man in history, is it impossible for someone to be more evil?

Suppose I discover a previously unknown and brilliantly argued Platonic dialogue. If I were to publish it, it would probably revitalize his influence. Should I make it known or burn it?

Why is cannibalism a moral taboo?

If a person doesn’t like oral sex, is this a form of nihilism or just an arbitrary sexual preference?

Is it my right to go out naked in the streets if I want to and masturbate?

When writing fiction, is there a proper way to choose the race of a character?

What is the Objectivist view of housewives or stay-at-home moms?

I love my mother, but not my father. Is it immoral to tell him that I love him in order to spare his feelings?

Is there really a video of you acting as a cop in a skit?

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