Mark 4:1-20 The FarmVille of Your Soul

Mark 4:1-20 The FarmVille of Your Soul January 25, 2013

Mark 4:1-20 The FarmVille of Your Soul

Mark 4:1-20 The FarmVille of Your Soul



This is the Farmville parable in Jesus’ time. Just like Farmville, you have to plant seeds and then watch them grow and then harvest them. What Jesus talks about in His parable is the types of soil in which the seed will grow.

Here are the four soils Jesus describes and then His definition:

Road Rocks Weeds Good Soil
Interest No Interest Fun Worship Work
Purpose Crowd Congregation Committed Core
Type Non-Believer Believer but non-confessor Believer, confessor, but not disciple Believer, Confessor, Disciple, and Evangelist
Example The Many Joseph of Arimathea Simon the Sorcerer Peter
Reaction Diverted Disappointed Distracted Developed and Diligent
Result no change no depth no growth complete

KEY: Some people receive the gospel better than others.

What is Jesus’ point? There are levels of receptivity to the Gospel. Some will hear it and get diverted by. Some will hear it and get disappointed. Some will hear it and get distracted. Some will hear and it and get developed by it. Some of the ones who hear it, get developed by it, will be fruitful. By fruitful, I mean that they will multiply themselves. These last people will be believers, confessors, disciple-makers, and evangelists. These are the people who grow on good soil.

We can also use a variety of planting methods. Different seasons require different types of seeds, as well as forms of planting. There are different environments in which the seeds will grow. The kind of soil makes all the difference.


Season Evangelism Opportunity
Early Spring God’s Plant for Sharing
Late Spring ALPHA Course
Summer Vacation Bible School
Fall Small Group
Early Winter Special Emphasis
Late Winter Personal Outreach

What are we looking for in results? new disciples

Type of soil Jesus did not talk about? transplants

Point: Bloom where you are planted.

Photo by Vladimir Kudinov on Unsplash

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