Lenten Reflection #12: Jesus Thinks

Lenten Reflection #12: Jesus Thinks March 31, 2014


Lenten Reflection #12: Jesus Thinks

Tell us, therefore, what You think. Is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar or not?”” (Matthew 22:17, HCSB)  

When Jesus thinks, the answer is always profound. In this Scripture, the Pharisees came to ask Jesus a question to trap Him. They were asking about paying taxes to the government and whether it violated their loyalty to God. It was a trick question. The Pharisee expected an either/or answer. If Jesus says yes to the tax, the Pharisees could accuse Him of violating the temple tax and say that He is no friend of the Jews. If Jesus says no to the tax, then the Pharisees could say that Jesus is no friend of Caesar. In which case, they would get the Romans to help them kill Jesus. Jesus found a third answer. Jesus said to pay taxes to Caesar and give to God what He asks as well.

The answer was so profound that it stumped the Pharisees and it amazed the people. This means that when Jesus thinks about something, you and I are sure going to learn something important. In this case, Jesus was calling for obedience to the church and the state. I cannot neglect either one. They are equally valuable in my life.


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