What Are You Afraid Of? by Dr. David Jeremiah

What Are You Afraid Of? by Dr. David Jeremiah September 29, 2014

What Are You Afraid Of? by Dr. David Jeremiah

What Are You Afraid Of? by Dr. David Jeremiah

What Are You Afraid Of? by Dr. David Jeremiah defines it purpose with its subtitle: “Facing Down Your Fears With Faith.” The book is divided into ten chapters, each dealing with a topic which we all fear. Dr. Jeremiah’s love of alliteration comes through in these chapters. Each topic starts with the letter “D.” The topics include: (1) disaster, (2) disease, (3) debt, (4) defeat, (5) disconnection, (6) disapproval, (7) danger, (8) depression, (9) death, and (10) deity.

The topics are well laid out and thoroughly researched. Dr. Jeremiah is very clear in his presentation about how fight our fears in each area with faith.

Dr. Jeremiah summarizes the book in the following way:

Everyone is afraid of something – failure, success, loneliness, crowds, death, life – the list is endless. And no one is immune to fear. Fear haunts the weak and the powerful, the young and the old, the rich and the poor. It is a great equalizer. Some fears…attack us only momentarily, passing almost as quickly as they come. But others…can haunt us for a lifetime,…eventually taking over our lives. Well, fear not! There is hope.

Dr. Jeremiah identifies the greatest fears and then lays out a biblical plan for overcoming each one of them. He also examines one particular fear that be part of our daily lives: the fear of God.

The book is very straightforward to read. It is well-researched, and thoroughly footnoted. This book is a great resource for people who want to conquer their fears. At the same time, it can be a helpful resource to share with others. The book is grounded in the fact that God is a God who can help us overcome our fears. As Dr. Jeremiah states:

If God is good and loving (and He is), and if God is all-powerful (and He is), and if God has a purpose and a plan that includes His children (and He does), and if we are His children (as I hope you are), then there is no reason to fear anything, for God is in control of everything.

If you are afraid of anything, and you need reassurances that God can help you, pick this book up. It will help you.

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