His Gifts Come With Him

His Gifts Come With Him December 9, 2014

His Gifts Come with Him

His Gifts Come With Him

December 9, 2014 Year B

See, the Lord

God comes with strength,

and His power establishes His rule.

His reward is with Him,

and His gifts accompany Him.

(Isaiah 40:10, HCSB)

When a person comes with gifts, you know something good is going to happen. Santa comes with gifts and we are happy. He leaves gifts behind and we are glad that he brought them to us.

Someone buys you a gift and you are happy not just for the gift, but also the giver. I know that God’s gift for me is good. It comes with His strength and His power. So I know that has to be good. Just like the JELL-O commercial – if it is JELL-O, you know it has to be good.

What gifts am I waiting for from God? What kind of gifts does He want to give me? That He gives me gifts also shows me that He loves me. You don’t usually receive gifts from someone who doesn’t care about you. God cares about me and so He gives me gifts.


Application: God gives me gifts because He loves me. The gifts He gives me come from out of His strength, His power and His reward. I need to reflect less on the gift itself and more on the Giver this gift-giving season.

Prayer: Thank you God for the gifts You give me, because You love me. I want to think more about your strength, power and reward during the holidays.

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