Emotions of the Harvest

Emotions of the Harvest December 11, 2014

emotions of the harvest

Emotions of the Harvest

December 11, 2014 Year B

Psalm 126:5-6

Sowing and reaping. The process is a picture of the faithfulness of God. We have our work and God does His work. We sow and God reaps.

Sometimes the sowing is a difficult work. We cry as we work the field of God. People don’t want to let the Seed enter their hearts. People don’t want the fruitfulness of God in their lives. We see people. We talk to them, building relationships with them. We share the hope we have in Jesus Christ and they reject it. We wonder if this Gospel is worth sharing.

Then we hear the news that God has done a wonderful work in the life of someone we tried so hard to reach. We hear how God had done a miraculous work in their lives. A son was healed from a painful illness. A sister overcomes a drug addiction. We hear the stories about how God used difficult circumstances to show His power.

Joy springs out of our hearts as we celebrate the work that God has done. The harvest, of which God was faithful in bringing, is a time for the people of God to thank God.

We are sad in the planting season. But we can have confidence that we will be happy during the harvest season. We only have to have faith that God will help us.

Application: I may feel sad because the Gospel is difficult to share. I should not give up. I should look forward to the day when the harvest comes. Then, I can celebrate with others what God has done.

Prayer: God, please help me when I am disappointed with the work of the Gospel. God, I want to see the harvest. Help me stay faithful, and to have faith that You will do Your work.

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