The First Good Thing

The First Good Thing January 11, 2015

The First Good Thing

The First Good Thing

January 11, 2015 Year B

The first good thing…

was that God created;
that God created was light.

Light was the first of many creative acts that God considered good. 

God in creating light from darkness separated good from evil. God made a separation in order to make something good. 

As quoted in Bonhoeffer’s work Creation and Fall for Genesis 1:4:

That God’s work is good in no way means that the world is the best of all conceivable worlds[3]
(Bonhoeffer, Creation and Fall, Genesis 1:4a, 44-45).

So God created good out of what looks like a bad situation. God does that. He does the best good out of what looks like a difficult situation. The first good thing is also the first best thing.

Application: What does God have to separate in my life with light? What does God have to expose to make good in my life?

Prayer: God, please give light to my life and reveal to me what You want to be good in my life. Thank You for Your light.

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