Loving One Another Gives God the Most Glory

Loving One Another Gives God the Most Glory April 2, 2015

April 2, 2015 Year B (Maundy Thursday of Holy Week)

John 13:31-35

Jesus spends time with His disciples one last time. He talks about how He will be glorified and give the Father glory. He predicts that He will soon leave, and then He leaves them a command:

“Love one another.”

He calls us to love others just as He loved us. He said that this kind of love will define us. This kind of love will help other people know that we belong to Him.

The love of Jesus is not just a sacrificial love. The love He gave us is the same love that He shares with God the Father. It is the same love that God shares with Jesus.

This love gives both members of the Trinity glory. When we express this love for one another (which is pinnacle of the fruit of the Holy Spirit), then we are giving the Trinity the glory it deserves.

Loving one another is what we can do that gives God the most glory. Love is what gives God the most glory.

Love glorifies God.

Prayer: God, please teach me ways I can glorify You by sharing the love You have for me with other Christians. Thank You for Your love.

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