The April Fool's Joke on Jesus

The April Fool's Joke on Jesus April 1, 2015

April 1, 2015 Year B (Wednesday of Holy Week)

John 13:21-30

Today is April Fool’s Day. On this day, people play pranks on one another. It comes from the custom of tricking someone. The one who performs the trick is the fox. The one who is tricked becomes the fool.

In this Gospel narrative, one could compare this event between Judas and Jesus as an April Fool’s event. Judas is the fox who outsmarts and tricks Jesus through betrayal.

Of course, Jesus is not really tricked because Jesus predicts His betrayal as well as the one who will betray Him. In the end, Judas will feel remorse for what he did and then end his life. The fox will become the fool.

To the world, the death of Jesus seems like a cruel April Fool’s joke played out on an innocent man. He is betrayed, tried, condemned, and crucified in a series of events that no one could imagine happening to any other person.

It is foolish to believe that an innocent man would be convicted and crucified for the will of the people. It is foolish to believe that an innocent man would stay silent while witnesses gave false testimony. It is foolish to believe that after all of the miracles He performed, an innocent man would not be able to heal himself. It is foolish to believe that one man would die for the sins of everyone.

It is foolish to believe it, but it is true. The April Fool’s joke was played on Jesus and He let it happen. Why? Because even though it was a serious prank played by Satan, Jesus would have the last laugh. God would raise Jesus from the dead and place Him on the highest throne for eternity. Jesus, who played the fool, would eventually outfox the so-called foxes.

Now the Fool’s joke is on anyone who decides not to follow Jesus. One would be foolish to ignore such a free gift.

Prayer: Although April Fool’s jokes are being played, thank You God that you took a fool like me and saved me from eternal destruction.

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