Actively Waiting for Jesus to Return

Actively Waiting for Jesus to Return July 7, 2015

Actively Waiting for Jesus to Return

Actively Waiting for Jesus to Return

Actively Waiting for Jesus to Return is a simple thought Lectionary reflection about how to wait for Jesus to return from James 5:7-12.

July 7, 2015 Year B

James 5:7-12

A farmer plants a seed and then waits months for the fruit. This does not mean that the farmer is inactive until the harvest. The farmer is still involved. He suffers as the weather makes its impact on his crops. He checks the crop to see if it will bear fruit.

Farmers don’t complain while they wait. They are patient and observant. When they see that something needs to be done to get the plants ready for harvest, they get involved. They kill weeds, they nourish the soil. They endure until the end.

Waiting for Jesus requires patience without complaining. Waiting for Jesus requires endurance during difficult times. Waiting for Jesus requires that we accept the Father’s compassion and mercy even when the soil is not working like we think it should.

Farmers can’t cheat their way to a harvest. They are required to do honest work (James 5:12).

The fruit that Jesus would return must be waited upon. It cannot be rushed. It cannot be changed. We have to do our part. God does His part. We wait and prepare for the harvest of souls. We look forward to the return of Jesus just as a farmer looks forward to the harvest of crops.

Prayer: God, help me stay patient and actively wait for Jesus to return. Help me speak about Him truthfully to those who need to hear about Him.

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