Top Ten Ways a Church Can Have a Spiritual Harvest

Top Ten Ways a Church Can Have a Spiritual Harvest October 6, 2015

Top Ten Ways a Church Can Have a Spiritual Harvest
1. Retool your church

A church can spend time updating it’s vision, mission, and values statements. It is important that the church review its existing documents in order to focus their ministry. Focus on the right things keeps churches from being distracted from good things. A church may have to also update to reach a digital generation. Does your church still use cassette tapes? Do you have an updated system that allows you to use smartphones or tablets? The church needs to use new tools for a new generation. Does your church have a website, a Facebook page? How do you communicate your prayer requests?

2. Put on a big event

Putting on a big event for the community attracts a crowd. While this may not create a spiritual harvest, it will help introduce new people to your church. Easter and Christmas are not the only times one can use for big events. Other holidays lend themselves to good opportunities to reach out to the community: July Fourth, Halloween and Thanksgiving are all holidays when a church can use a big event. One can also put on big events based on interests: Sportsman Banquets, 5K Runs, Outdoor Festivals, Parades, and any other local festivals can be hosted by the church.

3. Invite an evangelist

The church should use an evangelist. They are one of the ministers that can be used by the church to build up the church. Some evangelists are preachers, conference speakers, or pastors. Some evangelists have special skills which draw a crowd to hear them: musicians, ventriloquists, illustrators, illusionists, and outdoorsmen. Invite an evangelist to come and speak. You might be surprised how effectively God can use them for your church.

4. Plan a revival

Another way a church can have a spiritual harvest is to plan a revival. Invite a music team and a speaker to help draw interest. If you have been using community events, and have retooled your church, you can use a revival as a way to have your church invite people to hear the Gospel. Contrary to popular opinion, revivals do work.

5. Start a prayer emphasis

All of these opportunities work when God’s people pray. So start a prayer emphasis. You can announce that the church pray for specific ways for a harvest to happen. You can have a 24-hour prayer vigil. Your church can spend a set day each week praying for the lost. Do a prayer walk in your church’s neighborhood. Make your prayer emphasis interesting.

 6. Reach out to people

If you want to see lost people get saved, you’ve got to reach out to people. Your church will see a spiritual harvest only if you start to build relationships. You have to reach out to people. Whether by going door to door, asking people in your church for referrals, you need to get out and visit the people.

7. Work with other churches on a campaign

Who says that your church has to do things alone? You can work with other churches on a special emphasis or campaign. Have a tent revival or use a stadium and invite a couple of churches to join in the effort. If another church is planning a special evangelistic effort for the community, offer to help and join in.

8. Have something for the kids

If you want to reach young families, you have to plan something for the kids. Parents come when they know that their kids are being taken care of. Parents may drop their kids off. So you need to focus an evangelistic outreach to both groups. Make sure there is child care. But make sure that you witness to the kids as well.

9. Provide help for the community

The church needs to be part of the community. The best way to be part of the community is to offer your buildings for community events. There are many clubs and groups looking for a free place to meet. If you have an activity center and gymnasium, then offer have the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts come and use the building. Host a health fair with the local hospital. Use your building for baby showers, wedding receptions, and family reunions.

10. Use social media to plan and host a party

Get on Facebook and invite your friends to a party at the church. It doesn’t have to complicated. Have a themed party for the seasons: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day. St. Patrick’s Day. You can have a summer event where you grill burgers. These parties are a great way to build relationships, which are necessary for a spiritual harvest to occur. The event doesn’t have to cost money. Just invite a group of people together and have a party. Have fun!

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