Top Ten Sources of Free Inspirational Stories

Top Ten Sources of Free Inspirational Stories October 22, 2015

Top Ten Sources of Free Inspirational Stories

Top Ten Sources of Free Inspirational Stories shares the top ten places to look to find great stories to use in sermons and motivational talks.

10. Story Time Tales 

Collection of inspirational stories, most in the public domain.

9. Circulated Stories 

The blog shares good moral stories. More than 350 stories that provide inspiration and motivation.

8. Robert Fulgham 

From the author of All I Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. He posts a daily story and has other books for sale.

7. Garrison Keillor

The host of A Prairie Home Companion, and author of Lake Wobegon Days, provides wonderful short stories and poems. The website contains an archive of The Old Scout, his syndicated column from the Chicago Tribune. There are other stories and links to books, as well as his broadcasts from A Prairie Home Companion.

BONUS: His sister site is A Prairie Home Companion. There is an archive of all of the shows. One can listen to his show live. One column contains “Pretty Good Jokes.” You can subscribe and get a joke every day in your email.

6. God’s Little Acre 

A collection of stories, funnies, poems, and words of wisdom. The site even has a page dedicated to pets.

5. Inspire21

A site that offers a vast collection of free artistic ecards, inspiring stories, quotations and poetry that can be shared with anyone, anywhere in the world. Obviously, this is a Christian site, but we welcome anyone looking for inspiring words… or wishing to share them.

4. Christianity Today Ignite Your Faith True-Life Stories

Part of the Ignite Your Faith section of Christianity Today online, this section provide a set of links to true-life stories.

3. Charles Swindoll 

Insight for Living Ministries offers a treasury of Bible-teaching audio, video, and written materials intended to enhance your Christian walk. Varying in length, audience, and purpose, all are produced to bring God’s truth to His people in a clear, accurate, practical manner. Explore our many Bible study resources made for you, your small group, or your church.

2. Max Lucado

Lucado’s website has many resources. Some resources one can read. Under the READ tab, one can find daily devotionals, topical writing, Max’s blog, and book excerpts.

1. Stories for Preaching

A collection of full and engaging stories. They list over 390 stories at present. They are listed alphabetically and by topic.

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