Demanding a Sign from God

Demanding a Sign from God December 2, 2015

Demanding a Sign from God

Demanding a Sign from God is a simple thought reflection from Luke 11:29-32 for the Lectionary cycle during Advent that strives to point me to look to Jesus as my sign from God.

December 2, 2015 Year C

Luke 11:29-32

People usually ask for a sign from God when they need to make a decision. “Show me a sign, God of what I should do.” Jesus says that people who ask for a sign are evil (Luke 11:29). The people Jesus is talking about are the religious people who claim to know God. What does He mean that these people are evil? He means that we are evil because we don’t trust who God has placed in our lives to point us to Him. We are looking for miraculous events in our lives to prove God’s existence: healing, water turning into wine, raising the dead.

Jesus says that these signs will not be given (Luke 11:29). The only sign will be Jesus Himself. Jesus is saying: “I am the guy that proves God’s existence. Quit looking to the miraculous events and start looking to the Source (Luke 11:30).

Jesus gives two examples to prove His point. He calls us Nineveh and the Queen of Sheba. The people of Nineveh trusted Jonah and God’s message through him (Luke 11:32). The queen of Sheba trusted Solomon and God’s message through Him (Luke 11:31). Jesus is better is both of these “signs from God.” Jesus is God’s Son (Luke 11:32). He is the Sign people should look to. The works of God should point us to the sign of God. The Sign from God is His Son. His works have been recorded in the Bible and we can find God by looking to Jesus Christ.

Prayer: God, please help me look to You as the Sign of working in my life.

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