Five Essentials of An Effective Prayer Life

Five Essentials of An Effective Prayer Life January 8, 2016

January 8, 2016

In this passage, Jesus shows us the essentials to an effective prayer life. Jesus was a man of prayer. He prayed early in the morning and He prayed often. His disciples were watching Him pray and decided to ask Him how to pray.

This means that we don’t know how to pray. We need to learn to pray. It is a skill that needs to be taught. So the first question to ask is:

What is prayer?

Prayer is communication with God. Prayer is talking to God. But what should you talk to God about? Well, we should start with the basics. That is what Jesus taught His disciples. It is what He teaches us. There are five basic elements to a Christian’s prayer life.


In each of these cases, the proper prayer is addressed to God and the people who pray focuses on God, not themselves. For an effective prayer life, I need to communicate to God about God asking God for God’s help in God’s way. Prayer centers myself on God. It does not center God on me.


1. God’s name (Luke 11:2)

God’s name is personal. Jesus addressed Him as Father, or Daddy. This shows that when we pray, we pray to a personal God. At the same time, we pray to a God with respect. Just as a child learns to respect the father, Jesus showed respect to His father. He respected Him and His name.

2. God’s kingdom (Luke 11:2)

Jesus prayed for God’s will because He was interested in God’s kingdom. He put God’s desires above His own.

3. God’s provision (Luke 11:3)

Each day we depend on God. For most of us, we live on more than just our daily bread. But in Jesus’ time, and even now for some people, they live day-to-day.

4. God’s forgiveness (Luke 11:4)

God provides forgiveness for those who need it. God also expects us to share that forgiveness with others.

5. God’s deliverance (Luke 11:4)

God always provides a way of escape when we are tempted. God can keep us from evil if we ask Him.

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