When God Displays His Love For Me

When God Displays His Love For Me February 16, 2016

February 16, 2016 Year C

God hears our cries for protection (Psalm 17:1). He knows when we really need to see Him work in our lives. We need vindication from our enemies (Psalm 17:2). We need God to test, examine, and try our hearts (Psalm 17:3) to show that we desire to follow Him (Psalm 17:4).

We call out to God because we know that He will listen and answer us (Psalm 17:5). We beg Him to display the wonders of His love (Psalm 17:7). And He does:

  1. He provides a Savior to give refuge. (Psalm 17:7)
  2. He protects and hides me from the wicked (Psalm 17:8-9).

  3. He rises up and confronts my enemies who surround me (Psalm 17:10-13).

  4. He saves me from the hands of those who want to hurt me (Psalm 17:14).

  5. He will provide my satisfaction in His presence (Psalm 17:15).

In the midst of what seems like a difficult struggle for me, God is still displaying the wonders of His love. He is doing amazing things even when I can’t see them. I have to trust in the fact that God will protect me when I call on Him.

Prayer: God, thank You for displaying the wonders of Your love for me. Thank You for protecting and helping me.

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