Be On Guard

Be On Guard February 17, 2016

Be On Guard

February 17, 2016 Year C

Luke 21:34-22:6

Jesus warns us to be on guard. He insists that our minds not be dulled by:

  1. Carousing
  2. Drunkenness
  3. Worries of Life

Carousing affects the body. Drunkenness affects the mind. Worries of life affect the spirit (Luke 21:34-35). These activities prevent me from being alert. They can happen to anyone. These activities keep us from being on guard. To be on guard mean to be alert, ready to pay attention to someone. When our lives are diverted by other activities, we can’t focus on Jesus and what He wants for our life. In the end, we look forward to the return of Jesus.

Christians are called to be alert so that they can escape. They would escape the eventual tribulation that would come in those days. Jesus had just hinted about these events earlier. This reference to escape may refer to a rapture of Christians – an event in which Jesus will call His children home before He returns.

This instruction also foreshadows the event later that evening. Satan entered Judas (Luke 22:4), as he took the opportunity to betray Jesus (Luke 22:5-6). Christians are called to be on guard. Those who are not on guard run the risk of being influenced by Satan. Satan will use anything to dull our senses so that he can influence us to oppose God.

Prayer: God, I want to be on guard, looking forward to your escape plan for me when Your Son returns.

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