The Blessing That Comes From Giving God His Share

The Blessing That Comes From Giving God His Share February 19, 2016

February 19, 2016 Year C

Genesis 14:17-24

When it comes to giving to God, people have their opinions. Many state that it was a practice that derives from the Mosaic law. Therefore, Christians don’t need to give ten percent to the church. The fact is that giving God ten percent (known as the tithe) originated with Abraham, and not Moses.

In this account, we see that Abraham made money when his army defeated a group of people in battle (Genesis 14:17). The King of Salem (later known as Jerusalem), Melchizedek – who also happened to be a priest to God, came out to meet Abram (Genesis 14:18). This special Priest-King blessed Abram (Genesis 14:19-20).

The blessing came because Abram was going to give God his money (Genesis 14:20). God had blessed Abram and therefore Abram gave back to God. Abram learned that the source of his possessions was God. The priest pronounced a blessing that God would continue to provide for Abram. Abram didn’t pay the priest back for the blessing. Abram recognized that the source of his wealth and his blessing was God (Genesis 14:17).

This is the reason that Abram would not take money from other people (Genesis 14:21-24). He knew that the source of His blessing was God. Abram looked forward to more blessings from God as Abram learned to depend more on God. Abram anticipated that God would continue to provide for his needs. The reason we know this is because he declined money from other sources. Abram showed a dependence upon God that comes from giving God His share.

Prayer: I look forward to the blessing that comes from giving You Your share of what You give me. I thank You for giving me the money I have to live on. You have blessed me and I look forward to blessing You back.

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