Being Arrogant Irritates God

Being Arrogant Irritates God February 22, 2016

February 22, 2016 Year C

Exodus 33:1-6

God will still deliver on His promises, even if we act arrogant. Yet, that doesn’t mean He likes it. He can show His disapproval by delivering on His promise, but doing it by proxy.

God has delivered the Israelites out of the hands of the Egyptians (He attributes the work to Moses) (Exodus 33:1). He has taken them on a journey and provided them every step of the way. All the while, the children of Israel complain, gripe, and have become a stubborn and arrogant people – God uses the word “stiff-necked.”

This arrogance really bothers God (as if God can be bothered by His people.) God hates the proud, but lifts up the humble. This experience is a case in point. Because of the arrogance of His people, God says that an angel will go ahead and do the hard work of driving out the inhabitants of the land of Israel (Exodus 33:2). God doesn’t want to personally help them enter the land because He is so angry at them (Exodus 33:3, 33:5).

There are times when we can make God angry at us. Did you know that? I know God is a good God, who provides for His people. But there are times when we can get under God’s craw, so to speak. It doesn’t mean that our arrogance has enough strength to stop God. Arrogance is not power. Arrogance is the presentation of power where that power doesn’t exist.

If there is anything that can turn a loving God’s power against someone, it is arrogance. God hates the proud, but lifts up the humble. He hates arrogance. Why does He hate arrogance so much? Arrogance is the desire that says that one does not need God. It is the claim of self-sufficiency in the midst of an ever-present need for God.

Many people go long periods of time thinking that they don’t need God. Then one day, their actions show that a consequence that would soon come reveals their need for a Savior. God says that He provides for His people and they complain that they don’t like His provision stating they can do better. God says that He will destroy His people and they start to cry out to Him asking Him for help (Exodus 33:3-4).

If we would recognize God’s provision for us as a way that He loves us, we would trust Him more. If we would appreciate that what God does for us is for our best, we might not be so stiff-necked and selfish.

Prayer: God, please help me see where I have been arrogant in Your sight. Help me overcome this arrogant spirit and turn to trust You.

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