Prayer of Victory in Life

Prayer of Victory in Life March 16, 2016

March 16, 2016 Year C

Psalm 20:1-9

Many people want to have victory in life. They want to see success in everything they do. Here, David prays for victory in the oncoming battle. He asks for God to hand him victory. He admits that other people trust in other things to gain victory. David  only trusts God (Psalm 20:7).

But just because he doesn’t trust in other ways for success, that doesn’t prevent him from making the “big ask.”

Eight times, David claims that God can do something for him to provide him victory:

1. Answer his prayer (Psalm 20:1, 9)

2. Protect him (Psalm 20:1)

3. Send help (Psalm 20:2)

4. Sustain him (Psalm 20:2)

5. Remember and accept what David gave in offerings (Psalm 20:3)

6. Give what his heart desires (Psalm 20:4)

7. Fulfill God’s purpose (Psalm 20:4)

8. Fulfill requests that provide victory (Psalm 20:5)

God wants to give victory in your life. It doesn’t matter what kind of difficult or challenging situation you encounter, you just have to ask God for His help. Let Him do the rest.

Prayer: God, I want to thank You for the victories in my life. I look forward to what you are going to do when I have difficulty. I’ll continue to trust in You to provide victory over the tough times in my life.

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