God Keeps His Promises

God Keeps His Promises March 17, 2016

March 17, 2016 Year C

Isaiah 54:9-10

When God makes a promise, He keeps it. He swore a promise to Noah that He would never flood the Earth with water again. In the same way, He promises never to be angry with His children (Isaiah 54:9).

People may think that God is an angry God, because they see violent acts in the Old Testament. Yet, God delegates His anger to His agents. He does this so that He can keep His promise to His people. He promises to never remove His love (Isaiah 54:10).

God makes promises and keeps them. He promised never to destroy the Earth by fire. He promised never to be angry with His people. He promised to never remove His love.

These promises are still in effect. Those who believe God will receive these promises in life. They will not be be destroyed. They will never experience the anger of God. They will never see God’s love removed. Instead, God’s people will always experience God’s love.

If I can believe God’s promise to Noah, and
If I can believe God’s promise to subdue His anger, then I can believe that God will never remove His love from me.

Prayer: God, thank You for keeping Your promises to me. You won’t destroy the Earth by flood again. You won’t let us experience Your anger. You won’t remove Your love. God, thank You for that.

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