The Silent Prayer of Jesus

The Silent Prayer of Jesus March 23, 2016

The Silent Prayer of Jesus

The Silent Prayer of Jesus is simple thought reflection during Holy Week.

March 23, 2016 Year C (Wednesday of Holy Week)

Psalm 70:1-5

According to Scripture, nothing is recorded in the life of Jesus on this day. He probably spent this day with friends in Bethany. How silent was Jesus on this day? Did He spend time remembering days of His earthly ministry? Did He contemplate His upcoming death?

We don’t know what Jesus was thinking on this day to be sure. However, if His earthly life is any indication, He probably spent much of this time in prayer.

Psalm 70 expresses what Jesus was probably thinking before His betrayal and crucifixion. As Jesus would pray later in the Garden of Gethsemane, the psalmist begs for God to deliver him (Psalm 70:1).

The emotions of revenge that are expressed in this psalm were probably felt by Jesus. He could have easily struggled with revenge in His time of prayer. He cried out to God for His help against His enemies (Psalm 70:2-3).

The psalm then turns from vengeance to enemies to trust in God (Psalm 70:4). Those who trust in God will celebrate and praise God’s greatness.

The psalmist returns to the theme of asking God for help. He is afflicted and needs God to rescue him (Psalm 70:5).

While this psalm is not directly referring to Jesus, it does foreshadow some of the events. Did Jesus reflect on this psalm during His day of silence? Did it give Him a source of strength to know that God would deliver Him in the end? We will never know for sure. However, just as the psalmist (and probably Jesus) asked God for deliverance, we too can ask for that deliverance today.

Prayer: During this silent day of prayer God, I ask for your help during this Holy Week. I need You to help me. Please help me in my affliction this week as I reflect on the Passion of Jesus.

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