Prophecy Watch: Brexit

Prophecy Watch: Brexit June 24, 2016

Prophecy Watch: Brexit

Well, the Brits (will we be able to call them Brits when this is all over?) have decided to leave the European Union. #Brexit (British Exit) is a reality. When one looks at the polls, there will be some interesting consequences. Scotland for the most part, voted to Remain. Will the Scots decide to re-join the EU at a later date?

Many of the people who voted to Leave were in the rural areas, where there are very few immigrants. At the same time, the “fear” momentum increased over the last couple of days. Boris Johnson (the former mayor of London) did an excellent job of presenting the Leave’s case, stoking votes by appealing to the voter’s fears. The tactic is similar to Donald Trump. On a side note, don’t these two have the same barber?

From #Grexit to #Brexit

I predicted a #Brexit back when #Grexit happened. I suggested then that there will have to be a break-up of the European Union in some form. The present #Brexit will cause many nations in the EU to reconsider their membership. Britain’s counterweight to the German-French partnership will be extinguished. Turkey will be able to play a larger role in European affairs (replacing Britain). This will have serious consequences for the Middle East in particular and the world in general. Some are even saying that Great Britain as a nation may break up into separate nations.

Relationship Between Great Britain and Israel

Frankly, this is in one way not surprising. The British Empire has been declining steadily since 1947. I personally think it is related to their unsupportive relationship with Israel. One can trace the breakup of the British Empire from 1948 all the way to the present. Even as a founding member of the European Union, Great Britain was destined for this catastrophe. They never fully embraced the European project. We will have to wait to see how this will play out. Great Britain will still retain some influence. However, their dominant imperialism has come to a tragic end.

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