Be Careful How You Choose

Be Careful How You Choose June 29, 2016

Be Careful How You Choose

June 29, 2016

Judges 9:7-21

It’s an election year again. During the summer months between the primaries and the general election in November, one will hear all kinds of theories and stories about the candidates. People will talk among ourselves about the candidate whether they are a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green, or some other independent.

Like other people, I will look at their records, relationships, and requirements. I will take sides and say that “my” candidate is obviously the best candidate. Some people will use tactics to promote their candidate. Some will tear down the other candidate. Like others, I will look into the issues, and also the character of the candidate.

Like the trees in this parable, you and I search out for someone who will reign over us. Yet we must always remember that there are consequences for everyone.

We must all learn the lesson of this parable: be careful how I choose. You may be thinking: “I only have to choose a candidate. What does it matter how I choose? Don’t I just cast my vote?”


That’s true, but my integrity matters when I vote. I may be alone when I cast my vote. I do this because I live in a country that celebrates the independence of the individuals and the democratic process. At the same time, the United States is a moral country. The morality of one generation affects the government of the next generation. My choice matters, but my conduct during this election matters more.

Jotham informs the people of Israel about their choices. He warns me today just as he did the people of Israel. What is his warning? I need to choose faithfully and honestly (Judges 9:16-20). I must be careful how I choose.

Many people question the integrity and morality of the candidates:

Donald Trump will bring about a depression.”

“He is unfit to be the Republican candidate because of the way he treats and speaks to people.”

“Hilary Clinton is a crook and needs to be in jail.”

“Clinton doesn’t care about us. She only cares about her self-interest.”

The challenge from this parable to me today is: I should question the integrity of the candidates less and question my own integrity more.

How faithful have I been?
How honest am I?

The future of the country depends upon it.

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