4 Ways to Praise God’s Works

4 Ways to Praise God’s Works July 1, 2016


4 Ways to Praise God’s Works

July 1, 2016 Year C

Psalm 66:1-9

The psalm lists four different ways one can praise God’s works. The list may seem self-explanatory. However, it is amazing that I can praise God in these four different ways. These four different ways seem to lead back to each other in praise. I can shout, sing, say, and see.

1. Shout (Psalm 66:1)

As part of God’s creation, I am called to shout out to God. The fact that God has created me should make me happy. I should be happy that I am created by God. When I recognize that God has created me, that I have purpose, and that He wants to be with me, it should make me shout out to Him.

2. Sing (Psalm 66:2, 4)

A second way that I can praise God is through song. When I want to praise God, I can sing to Him. I can sing about how glorious God is. I can sing about how important His name is in my life.

Eventually, my solo of praise will end in a chorus. People from all over the world will join me in singing praises to God (Psalm 66:4).

3. Say (Psalm 66:3)

I can speak in praise about God. I can talk about what God has done for me. I can tell stories about how God has shown His strength against my enemies, whether these enemies are people or challenges I have encountered. God has been faithful and strong against my enemies of debt, of depression, of difficulties.

I can tell others about the wonders of God in my own life (Psalm 66:5). My personal testimony can lead to others praising God as well. How do they start to praise God?

4. See (Psalm 66:5-9)

People start to praise God when they see and experience His wonders and works personally. I see His awe-inspiring acts. I see God do all kinds of miracles. Whether it is turning the sea into dry land (Psalm 66:6) or some other miraculous work, I start to see how great God is in my life. This starts the cycle over again.

When I see God’s works, I can begin to shout, sing, and say about what God is doing in my life.

I can also see how my personal testimony is important in showing other people how to praise God. Here, it is my experience that leads to my praise. This is where my worship leads to missions. I show other people my God, by the way I praise Him. I tell them how God has been powerful in my life. I share how God leads my life. This testimony leads other people to investigate: to come and see (Psalm 66:5). My testimony is also a call out to other people. I tell others to join me in praise (Psalm 66:8). I remind others of how God keeps me alive so that I can continually shout, sing, say, and see Him today, tomorrow, and for eternity.

Prayer: God, I will continue to shout, sing, say, and see what You are doing in my life as a praise back to You.

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