Jehoshaphat’s Leadership Reforms

Jehoshaphat’s Leadership Reforms July 19, 2016

Jehoshaphat’s Leadership Reforms

July 19, 2016
2 Chronicles 19:1-11

Jehoshaphat was warned by Hanani that his way of leading the nation of Israel was not working (2 Chronicles 19:1-2).

So the king goes about reforming his leadership. How does he do that?


1. Call people back to God (2 Chronicles 19:4)

In order to develop reforms, you have to bring people back to the basics. The basic is coming back to God.

2. Delegate leadership to influencers in the area (2 Chronicles 19:5-7)

If you want to see change, then you need to develop leaders from the influencers under your control. In this case, the king appointed judges from people in all of the different cities. There are people who have areas of influence over others. These are the people who should be made leaders.

In this case, these are leaders who are MADE. Jehoshaphat appointed leaders, people who he thought would listen and learn from him.

3. Raise up new leaders (2 Chronicles 19:8-10)

Jehoshaphat appointed priests and Levites in Jerusalem. These people were literally born for ministry. In this case, leaders were BORN. So some leaders are born, and some leaders are made. You have bring up new leaders from both groups.

In this case, I think the Levites and priests were young. That would mean that the king thought it was important to give them a special responsibility. Leaders have to be willing to give more responsibility to younger people.

4. Put trusted people in positions of power and responsibility (2 Chronicles 19:11)

Jehoshaphat appointed the chief priest and the son of the rule of Judah to lead his office. He named them as Chiefs of Staff.

At some point, you have to prepare people to lead after you. As a leader, you always working to get someone to replace you.

5. Lead with influence and encouragement (2 Chronicles 19:11)

Jehoshaphat ends with sharing a blessing to all of his new leaders.

“Be strong; may the Lord be with those who do what is good.”

Great leaders encourage and bless new leaders in their work.

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