God’s Future Promises Will Never Be Broken

God’s Future Promises Will Never Be Broken October 27, 2016

God’s Future Promises Will Never Be Broken

October 27, 2016 Year C

Jeremiah 33:14-26

Politicians make promises and often break them. People make promises that they intend to keep, but sometimes they are broken. Promises are meant to be kept. It takes a strong amount of personal fortitude and will to keep a promise. A person who keeps promises is a person who can be trusted. Promises that are made reflect on the character of the person who makes them. If they are kept, then people will speak well about that person. If a promise is broken, then people will not trust that person.

Here, we have a bold set of claims by God about how He intends to keep His promises. First, God says that “the days are coming” when God’s promises to the house of Israel and Judah will be fulfilled (Jeremiah 44:14). It sounds outrageous because at the time the promise is made, the people think that the promise cannot be kept. This promise is so bold, it makes people think that God is unreliable.

Second, God goes further and makes more outrageous claims that seem to be unrealistic. God says that at that time, God will cause a “Righteous Branch” (which is an allusion to Jesus Christ) to come and “sprout for David” (Jeremiah 33:15). In Isaiah, this “Branch” comes from David’s descendants. In Jeremiah, this descendant will rule for him, and save Jerusalem (Jeremiah 33:16).

Third, God says that His future promises are as dependable as day and night. David’s throne will always have a Person sitting on it. The priests will always have job security as His ministries (Jeremiah 33:17-22).

Fourth, since God has kept His promises to Abraham, to His people Israel in the past, then God will keep His promises in the future (Jeremiah 33:23-26).

If God can keep His promises (the past, present, and future) to Israel, He can certainly be trusted to keep His promises (the past, present, and future) to me and you.

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