The Reliability of God and God’s Word

The Reliability of God and God’s Word October 28, 2016

The Reliability of God and God’s Word

October 28, 2016 Year C

Psalm 119:137-144

There is a connection between God and the Bible. God is just as reliable as God’s Word. This section of Psalm 119 describes the relationship between the Bible and God. God is righteous and just. Therefore, God’s Word is right and trustworthy (Psalm 119:137-138).

What angers the psalmist is the fact that people forget God’s Word and therefore won’t trust God (Psalm 119:139). Why does this bother him so much? It is because someone who claims to know God should love God’s word (Psalm 119:140). I should be able to easily remember God’s Word and obey God. When I choose to forget God’s Word, it becomes much easily to disobey God.

God and His Word are connected. If I say I love God, then I should love God’s Word. The reverse is also true. If I love God’s Word, I should just as easily love God. The opposite sadly is also true. If I don’t love God’s Word, I won’t love God. If I don’t love God, I won’t care about His Word.

Compared to God and His Word, I am insignificant in importance (Psalm 119:141). What matters in life is seeking God’s righteousness and listening to His instruction (Psalm 119:142). My present difficulties shouldn’t distract me from the joy I should have in God and His Word (Psalm 119:143).  This is why the psalmist asks God to give him understanding (Psalm 119:144). God and His Word are reliable together to help a person live (Psalm 119:144).

What about you? How reliable do you see God and His Word? Do you think that God can be trusted as certainly as His Word? Do you think that God’s Word can be trusted just as much as God? Will you seek Him when times are hard? Will you love His Word because it works in your life?

Prayer: God, thank You for the reliability of Your Word. I take comfort in knowing that You and Your Word compliment each other.

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