‘Twas the Night Before the Election

‘Twas the Night Before the Election November 7, 2016

‘Twas the Night Before the Election

‘Twas the night before the election
And all through the land
Neither candidate for President
Was what I had planned

The Democrats chose Clinton
The Republicans chose Trump
With the last year of politicking
Making their long-winded stump.

The neighbors had signs
Planted in the front lawn
Small red white and blue ads
Broadcasting their choices beyond

I had followed the campaign
Watching CNN, FOX, and MSNBC
Seeing which of the pollsters
Could claim newsworthy victory.

Nate Silver, Rush Limbaugh
With too many others to count,
Prophesying profusely
On who should win the battle tonight.

Some were discussing emails,
Wikileaks, and the FBI.
While others talked about Gold Star Families,
Miss America, and tweets at twilight.

I turned off the TV
Disgusted with all the noise,
I went to bed wondering
what should be my choice

So I went off to sleep
Not knowing what to choose
I started to dream,
and wondered who would lose.

When a voice spoke to me,
The Holy Spirit I could tell
He gently encouraged me, saying
Fear not! All will soon be well.

He shared with me the past
How God used other men
To provide salvation and victory
For His people again and again

The Spirit encouraged me
To vote and not worry
He will take care of me
When the country’s outlook seems dreary.

He said: if the Electoral College
makes you fret and wonder
Remember not one state
can make God’s plans blunder.

Not Texas, not Florida
Nor New York or California
No number of states combined
will change how I will care for you

The Spirit reminded me
Lay your worries aside
It’s not the President or the Congress,
Or the Supreme Court who presides

God alone rules the world
He will take care of you
Don’t worry about your vote
He’ll take care of that too

I thought to myself
As I awoke from the dream
My vote is better than no vote
Or so it would seem

I went to the booth
I marked my choice
I took the “I Voted” sticker
Proud to have given a voice

And no matter who wins,
I will choose to accept
God’s still on His throne
And I’ll pray for the President-Elect!

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