Looking for God’s Favor

Looking for God’s Favor November 8, 2016

Looking for God’s Favor

October 8, 2016 Year C
Psalm 123:1-4

Many people today are asking for God’s favor in the United States election. They will go to the polls to vote, hoping that their candidates win. Some Christians will argue that the only hope for America will happen if only their candidate would win.

It is arrogant to assume that the President of the United States can change the spiritual condition of this country. At the same time, I  agree that we need to consult God’s favor when we vote.

Just like the Israelites, good-natured Christians are upset at the arrogance of secular society today (Psalm 123:3-4). Instead of presenting a similar arrogant tone during this election season, I hope that we as Christians would look to God for favor (Psalm 123:1-2).

God doesn’t like people who are proud and arrogant. On the contrary, He asks for His people to be humble (Proverbs 3:34, James 4:6, 1 Peter 5:5). Humility requires looking up to someone greater than ourselves. When it comes to an election, people want to speak their mind and they want to express their pride in a party, position, or presidential candidate. By its very nature, an election can be very divisive and increase the arrogance of a group of people. That’s why as Christians, we need to ask for God’s favor. Asking God for His favor keeps God’s people from being arrogant.

However, no matter who the President of the United States is, we still need the favor of God. We all need to look to the hand of God (Psalm 123:2) for direction in life.

Are you looking for God’s favor? Are you asking for His help, even after you cast your vote?

Prayer: I want to keep looking to You God for favor. I don’t want to be arrogant. Instead, I want to look to You for Your blessing.

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