Top Ten Goals President Trump Will Accomplish

Top Ten Goals President Trump Will Accomplish January 19, 2017

Top Ten Goals President Trump Will Accomplish

Top Ten Goals President Trump Will Accomplish

President Donald J. Trump will be inaugurated this week. He has made many promises. How many of these promises will be fulfilled? What will President Trump accomplish? I want to share the top ten goals President Trump will accomplish during his first term.

1. He will move the American Embassy to Jerusalem

Trump has made the promise of moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem. He will make do on this promise relatively early in his term. This will cause him to work harder on a solution for the Israeli-Palestinian problem.

2. He will negotiate change in the United Nations

Trump has always advocated that other countries should shoulder more financial responsibility. Trump will make an effort to negotiate change in the UN. One of two things may happen. Other countries will step up and pay more money to keep the United Nations in New York. It is just as likely that the United Nations will move its headquarters out of New York and to another city – possibly Jerusalem.

3. He will improve relations with Russia

Despite all of the ways in which Russia has meddled in the election, I think Trump will actually improve relations with Russia. It is in Trump’s best interest to do so. Not just his business interest, though. Trump will need Russia’s help for a variety of foreign policy goals. They say that only Nixon could go to China. Only Trump can go to Russia.

4. He will have conflict with China

The top of Trump’s foreign policy agenda will be concerned with China. To deal with China, Trump will need the help of Russia.

5. He will appoint a conservative judge to the Supreme Court

Early in his term, President Trump will appoint a conservative judge to the Supreme Court. However, I believe that he will appoint a conservative who will become more liberal over time. Just as Chief Justice John Roberts has not toed the conservative line, Trump’s appointee will not always follow the conservative agenda.

6. He will improve Obamacare into Trumpcare

The Republicans have already started to work on dismantling the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare.) I believe that Trump will force the Republicans to compromise. He will force them to keep the popular provisions. He may even keep the insurance exchanges as a high-risk pool. Trump may change the subsidies used to pay for costs into tax deductions. Trump will work at forcing insurance companies to negotiate for cheaper prices. He will force them to drop drug prices. I think in the end, Trump will improve the American health care system.

7. He could help improve the Republican Party over time if they learn from Trump

Trump proved that you could win the nomination as well as the presidency without depending upon the establishment system. He brought in many new people and shifted many Democrats to the Republican side. (Yes, Hilary Clinton won the population, but not where it counts. Trump won the Rust Belt states.) If the Republicans learn from this, they could dominate politics for quite some time. However, I doubt they will do this. I believe that they will enrage enough Latino and blacks to lose the congressional elections in 2018.

8. He will change the “bully pulpit” method of communication.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt used radio. President John F. Kennedy used television. President Barack Obama used YouTube. President Donald Trump has and will continue to use Twitter. Although he is 70 years old, he has embraced social media. Trump has shown how effective he can affect policy with just 140 characters.

9. He will enact lobbyist bans

President Trump has made the promise to “drain the swamp.” One might think that his appointments increased the swamp. That is not the case. Every leader appoints people they are comfortable with and who they work with in positions of influence. Trump is no exception. This is why there are so many billionaires in his administration. Yet, he still cares about some reform. He has insisted on bans on lobbyists. Again, this comes from his anti-establishment mentality to politics. President Trump will prove that the establishment can’t stop him. By banning the “revolving door” between turning politicians and lobbyists, Trump will change the political system for the better.

10. He will be involved in at least one scandal

He may be president, but he is still Donald Trump. I believe that he will be involved at least in one scandal. I don’t know much the scandal will impact him, but it will affect his presidency.

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