5 Ways to Grow Using the Bible

5 Ways to Grow Using the Bible February 15, 2017

5 Ways to Grow Using the Bible

5 Ways to Grow Using the Bible

February 15, 2017 Year A

Psalm 119:9-16

1. Keep God’s Word like you would keep your word to someone else (Psalm 119:9)

You know how you keep a promise to someone else? We call that “keeping your word.” It means that what comes out of your mouth is really from your heart. You seek, to be honest, true, and pure. You seek to do what you say. A modern word for this is integrity.

If want to have integrity as a Christian – if you want to be identified as a true Christian, then you need to keep God’s word.

How do you do that?

2. Search God’s Word like you would search for diamonds (Psalm 119:10)

Just as a treasure hunter would search for diamonds, the Christian should mine the Bible for instruction. One should seek God’s ways in God’s Word.

3. Hold God’s Word tightly so that you won’t disobey God (Psalm 119:11)

If you treasure something, you are going to keep it safe. We have safes to keep important documents and items One might keep passports, guns, jewelry, and money in a safe. The same is true with the Bible. Yet, instead of a physical safe, God wants you to keep His Word safe in you. Remembering God’s Word in your heart (or mind as the heart is the seat of one’s  emotions and whole being) is the way one keeps this treasure that the psalmist identifies as God’s Word.

4. Ask God for direction using His Word (Psalm 119:12-14)

One can keep something in safe keeping. But eventually that safe will be opened so that the treasure can be used. The psalmist praises God Word for this treasure because the words can be used as wisdom to serve the psalmist well in life. The psalmist asks for God’s help and then praises God for the help that the psalmist receives.

5. Practice God’s Word like you would anything you don’t want to forget (Psalm 119:15-16)

If you want to be good at playing the piano, you practice. To make an “A” on a test, you study and make an effort to recall all you have learned at the right time. To be the best at anything, you keep building your skills to make yourself better at what you do. The same is true with the Bible. If you want the Holy Spirit to help you in times when you need the help, you have to remember God’s Word. He uses what you learn to help you when you need it. But He can’t help you if don’t have any tools to give Him. That is why you need to memorize God’s Word.

Prayer: God, please help me practice memorizing Your Word, to make it a treasure in my heart. Help me to do what Your Word says, and not just read it.

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