8 Ways to Listen to God

8 Ways to Listen to God February 16, 2017


8 Ways to Listen to God

February 16, 2017 Year A

Psalm 119:33-40


1. Listen to His instruction with the goal of keeping them (Psalm 119:33)

The psalmist reminds me that when God teaches me something, it is meant to be kept. I learn something in order to keep it.

2. Seek to understand in order to obey (Psalm 119:34)

I learn something from God. But if I don’t understand, then I need to try to understand God’s instruction in order to obey it.

3. Enjoy learning from God (Psalm 119:35)

If I really enjoy learning something, I am more attentive and I will pay attention to the consequences. This should be the goal of listening to God. Learning from God should not be boring. Instead, I should enjoy what God teaches me. That will only happen when I have a consistent time with God every day.

4. Resist worldly desires (Psalm 119:36)

The world will try to tempt me to enjoy material gain. The psalmist thinks about following God’s Word but knows that the world will try to distract him from that purpose. In order to listen to God, I have to resist worldly distractions.

5. View God’s Word with higher esteem (Psalm 119:37)

On the one hand, I can be tempted with profit. I can be tempted with material gain because I can easily value it. On the other hand, even though I may find value in it, in God’s eyes, they are worthless. God’s ways are worth more than material possessions.

6. Watch for confirmation of God’s personal revelation (Psalm 119:38)

The psalmist shows that God speaks through His word. He also speaks personally to His servants. God uses His Word (the Bible) to confirm a personal instruction. When God speaks through His Word and it comes to pass in a personal way, this strengthens my faith. It will make me want to respect and listen to God more, not less.

7. Let God’s Word help convict you of sin (Psalm 119:39)

God’s Word also reminds me of the dangers of sin. Sin brings disgrace. God judges sin and it is good for Him to judge sin. The fear of God’s judgment and the disgrace that comes with it should make me turn from sin.

8. Obey God’s Word because it leads to life (Psalm 119:40)

The ultimate reason to listen to God’s Word is because following God’s instructions always lead to life. God loves life and when we follow Him, we will see a long life.

Prayer: God, please help me follow Your Word. I want to continue to listen to You, knowing that what You tell me is what is best for me.

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