7 Proofs of God’s Promises When I Trust Him

7 Proofs of God’s Promises When I Trust Him February 24, 2017

7 Proofs of God's Promises When I Trust Him

7 Proofs of God’s Promises When I Trust Him

February 21, 2017 Year A

Psalm 119:57-64

Many people try to make promises, but they often fail. So it is natural for us to come to God and wonder if He can be trusted. However, this psalm reminds me that God is a promise-keeping God. God makes very powerful promises to those who trust Him. Here are seven proofs of God’s promises when I trust Him.

1. God promises to be my source of supply when I promise to do His will (Psalm 119:57)

God is my portion. In other words, God is my source. Psalm 16:5  calls God the cup of blessing. Lamentations 3:23 reminds the reader that God provides for me every new day. This is a true promise whether we believe it or not. God promises to be my source when I relate to Him. I relate to Him by doing His will.

2. God promises me to give out His  grace (Psalm 119:58)

The psalmist asks God to be gracious to him because the psalmist knows that this is how God operates. Grace is God’s OS – operating system.

If you want a computer to do something for you, you need to know how it operates. Macs work on a different operating system than Windows. Windows is different than a Linux. If you want to use the computer, you need to know its operating system. The problem with most computer systems is that they are buggy. They have mistakes and problems.

Not so with God. He works out of His grace. Grace is God’s operating system. All of God’s commands are built upon His operating system of grace. God gives laws not because He is a legalist. He makes laws so that His grace can work more efficiently. Grace allows the law to be fulfilled when the program runs properly.

3. God promises to be there when I turn back to Him (Psalm 119:59)

There are times when I choose not to trust God. Like a child, I begin to think independently of the father’s wisdom. Instead of abandoning the child, God is there when the child returns. This verse reminds me of the prodigal son in Luke 15. Like that father, God is ready with His arms open wide when you return to Him.

4. God promises to help me (Psalm 119:60)

The scene reminds us of a child who is in trouble. When a child is in trouble and needs help, the child turns to an adult they trust. The psalmist, as a child of God, looks to God’s Word for help. The reason is because the psalmist knows that God will help them.

5. God promises to deliver me from evil (Psalm 119:61-62)

Jesus said that we should pray that to stay out of the traps of the Evil One (Matthew 6:13). Satan lays traps, but God promises a way to escape (1 Corinthians 10:13) The psalmist has remembered this delivery in the middle of the night and takes the time to thank God. We should be just as thankful to God that sin has not overtaken us.

6. God promises to keep me in good company (Psalm 119:63)

People who respect God follow His commands. If I want to trust God, then I should be with people who trust Him as well. Here, the psalmist is encouraged by other people who also respect God and follow His ways. There have been other people to whom God has shown His love. They have similar beliefs and interests. When I overcoming a sin (as the previous verses describe), then it is always good to be encouraged by people. What better people to encourage me than people who follow God and have seen God keep His promises?

7. God promises to operate out of His love for me (Psalm 119:64)

We said earlier that God’s operating system is grace. If grace is the operating system, then love is the code that is used to build that system. Promises are God’s programs. Grace is God’s operating system. Love is the eternally stable code God uses to writes out His promises to us.

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