40 Simple Thoughts for 40 Days of Lent

40 Simple Thoughts for 40 Days of Lent February 27, 2017

40 Thoughts for 40 Days of Lent

40 Simple Thoughts for 40 Days of Lent

Below are links to 40 simple thoughts for 40 days of Lent. These links connect to simple thoughts that I have written. I hope these simple thoughts for Lent will help you in your spiritual journey with Jesus this year.

  1. Jesus __________
  2. Jesus Was
  3. Jesus Came
  4. Jesus Grew
  5. Jesus Talks
  6. Jesus Listens
  7. Jesus Sickened
  8. Jesus Sleeps
  9. Jesus Teaches
  10. Jesus Tears
  11. Jesus Saves
  12. Jesus Prays
  13. Jesus Thinks
  14. Jesus Drives
  15. Jesus Jokes
  16. Jesus Strengthens
  17. Jesus Weakens
  18. Jesus Destroys
  19. Jesus Advocates
  20. Jesus Relaxes
  21. Jesus Examines
  22. Two Witnesses That Confirm the Existence of God
  23. The April Fool’s Joke on Jesus
  24. Loving One Another Gives God the Most Glory
  25. What Will You Do?
  26. God Provides Freedom
  27. When God Displays His Love for Me
  28. Be On Guard
  29. The Blessing That Comes From Giving God His Share
  30. Being Arrogant That Irritates God
  31. At That Time…
  32. The Power of God Over Political Leadership
  33. How the Kingdom of God Grows
  34. A Tragic Story of Unfaithfulness
  35. What Makes Me a Sinner
  36. Prayer of Victory in Life
  37. God Keeps His Promises
  38. Mission Not Yet Accomplished
  39. The Silent Prayer of Jesus
  40. Fasting From Facebook for Lent 2015 and What I Learned From My Facebook Fast 2015


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