The God of Repetitive Grace

The God of Repetitive Grace March 9, 2017

The God of Repetitive Grace

The God of Repetitive Grace

March 8, 2017 Year A

Exodus 34:1-9

Moses broke the first tablets. So God lets Moses bring another set of tablets to write the commandments again. Why is this important? Because God is a compassionate and gracious God (Exodus 34:6). He says that about Himself. He proved it by allowing Moses a chance to write the commandments again after breaking the first stones.

When we break the commandments, God is gracious enough to maintain faithful love. He will also punish those who break the commandments.

So why did God write out the commandments a second time and why does he call himself compassionate and gracious? God identifies Himself as a compassionate and gracious God (Exodus 34:6-7). He is revealing a characteristic about Himself.

He is compassionate and gracious and therefore God allows His children to repeat the lesson to learn it. When we fail, God will pick us back up and let us relearn.

The key is asking for forgiveness (Exodus 34:7). If I do something wrong, but I don’t ask for forgiveness, then I am guilty. God will punish the guilty. But if I ask for forgiveness, then God will let me learn and let me repeat – to get it right.

Photo by José de Ribera [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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