8 Great Reasons to Get Logos 8

8 Great Reasons to Get Logos 8 August 26, 2019

 8 Great Reasons to Get Logos 8

8 Great Reasons to Get Logos 8

1. Powerful Search

The best thing about Logos 8 is the search engine. This powerful engine will help you as your search your resources in the software to get what you need. The search engine is powerful and it is the feature that helps Logos help you.

2. Layouts

You can customize your layouts to make it easier to prepare for your Bible study or sermon. Place tabs throughout the screen to put what you need on your Logos desktop. I put my Bibles in the center, the “copy verses” tool on the right and then I use the Passage Guide along the left. As I click on a different commentary, it opens in the bottom of the middle of the layout. I can open tabs for other tools that help me as a I study. Logos has ready-made layouts for sermon preparation, Bible study, devotional reading, topic study or just about anything else you need.

3. Workflows

Workflows is the newest tool in Logos 8. These workflows help a person stay on task to complete what they came to do in Logos. Personally, I use a 40-step sermon preparation workflow that asks me questions and forces me to consider ideas that I might neglect. There are all kinds of workflows in Logos and there are many being created everyday.

4. Clippings

If you like what you see in a book, you can highlight and clip to a Clippings document. A clippings document works in a similar fashion to the old newspaper clippings idea. You copy a section of a book and place it in a Clippings documents. Name that document and you can continue to collect other similar clippings. I use clippings to collect sermon illustrations or stories. However, Clippings documents can be used for just about anything you want to collect.

5. Notes

As the name implies, you can write notes. You can anchor a note to a Scripture verse. One can use tags to identify their different notes. Each note can be coded with different symbols and colors for easy identification. You can write down Scripture verses in notes and they will be automatically tagged to the verse when you decide to search that verse later for easy recall. Notes can be organized in notebooks. I use notes to write down my thoughts, my devotionals as well as my sermons before I post them on the web. When I search for a topic or Bible verse, then all of my notes get search and I can see them in the search display.

6. Collections

Say you only want to search all of the books by a certain author. Create a collection of those books. The collection will show up in the Passage Guide when you search. If anything that matches your search is in that collection, you will see a match. This becomes very handy when you want to quote or cite someone in a sermon but you don’t want to search your entire library.

7. Media Tool with Visual Copy

The Media Tool with Visual Copy is a media library full of slides pre-made and ready for use in any presentation. These templates have various backgrounds, themes, and colors. Some of the media can easily import quotes from various theologians along with their picture. The collection of media makes your sermon presentation much more interactive.

8. Sermon

Logos 8 was originally designed for pastors. As a result, they make sermon preparation easier. The Sermon dataset helps one prepare a sermon. Whether you want to choose a passage or topic, Logos 8 has all of the necessary tools at your fingertips. You can use the Sermon Starter Guide, Sermon Editor, along with sermon outlines and sermon collections to prepare for your sermon.


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Photo courtesy of Logos Bible Software, which is part of Faithlife.

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