Morning Poem: The Art of I Don’t Know

Morning Poem: The Art of I Don’t Know December 10, 2018
Woman with colorful wings.
We’ve determined that someone’s dignity comes with the stipulation of them being likeminded with us. This couldn’t be further from the truth — It’s sad how we dehumanize one another just to prove what we believe is right and what others believe is wrong.

“The Art of I Don’t Know”

I read about a lady who said, “I didn’t know.”

She’s now dead to many people.
Love wrapped around expectations
can send people to hell if you’re not careful.
Why can’t we say, “I don’t know,” and still go to
heaven? How in the hell do those people know

About Joe Puentes
Joe Puentes is a ragamuffin, sojourner, writer, speaker, entrepreneur, husband, dad and heart attack survivor. He owns a coffeehouse, which he operates with his wife and young adult children. You can read more about the author here.

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