Hymn to Her

Hymn to Her January 22, 2009

I was always a big fan of Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders, but I had never heard Hymn to Her until tonight. An excerpt from it was included in a collection of songs in A Pagan Testament, which is a collection of literary sources of contemporary Paganism I’m reading right now.

I couldn’t turn up any commentary from Chrissie, and the lyrics are rather vague. But some of them are unmistakably Pagan, such as

Keep beckoning to me
From behind that closed door
The maid and the mother
And the crone that’s grown old


And she will always carry on
Something is lost
But something is found
They will keep on speaking her name
Some things change
Some stay the same

The music is perfect for the lyrics, and perfectly beautiful. Go listen – here’s the video:


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