I’m back from a trip to Ireland and Wales that was both a vacation and a pilgrimage. I’ve got at least two weeks’ worth of religious and spiritual material to write about, and I’ll start that on Sunday. For today, here are a few mundane travel notes and random impressions for your perusal and amusement. Read more

Power is necessary, and power is corrupting. Power can be used to build a better world, and it can be used to oppress the weak. Seeking power for the sake of power rarely ends well, but a quest to develop our own power and to use it for the greater good is a honest endeavor. Read more

If you’re lucky enough to belong to a tradition that already has a liturgical calendar, observe it with gratitude and enthusiasm. But if you don’t, build your own. It will help you deepen your worship and practice. Read more

These are the key events on my Pagan journey that caused me to change my foundational assumptions about the world and the way it works. I know my Paganism is real, but I do not insist you take my word for it. Have your own religious and magical experiences and decide for yourself. Read more

What if our Paganism isn’t simply a random choice or the product of our environment, but an orientation – an integral part of who and what we are? Read more

All some people seem to want is a vague and trite spirituality that makes them feel good and tells them everything’s going to be OK whether it really is or not. But if you want a deep spiritual practice that will help you handle life’s challenges, build deep and meaningful relationships, and change yourself and the world, you’re going to need religion. Read more

Good religion is joyous religion, and Paganism should always be a religion of wonder and joy. But as we move toward the Spring Equinox we would do well to remember the obligations of our seasonal celebrations. May we fulfill them with honor and integrity. Read more

Recently someone contacted me privately and asked for my thoughts on suicide. Trite responses do more harm than good, and besides, I’m a Druid and not a psychologist. This is my story. If it resonates with you, great – that’s why I wrote it. If not, keep looking until you find what does. Read more

Under the Ancient Oaks, the video series. This month I’m joined by ADF Druid Lauren Mart, who talks about the importance of prayer as a spiritual practice, and the value of regular, scripted, liturgical prayers. Read more

Many different people come into Paganism for many different reasons. That doesn’t mean all of them are good reasons. Some people come into Paganism for bad reasons. In doing so, they set themselves up for disappointment, and they distract our movement from its higher goals. Read more

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