The Winter Solstice: What Needs To Be Born?

As we celebrate the Solstice, let us consider the state of the world and how we make our way through it. What needs to be born at this year’s Winter Solstice? Read more

The Myth of Disenchantment is a Lie

The Emperor of Disenchantment is naked, even as those of us who live in a magical universe keep talking about how thick his armor is. Read more

Parting the Mists: An Introduction to Journeying

Journeying is the first-hand experience of other times, other places, and other realms. These are my thoughts based on my own experiences. This is what I’ve done, and what works for me. Read more

My Top 10 Pagan Albums of All Time

I’m not a music critic or historian, and this isn’t a list of the “best” or “most influential” albums in the Pagan world. This is my list of the Top 10 albums I like and have played a lot in ritual. Read more

New Feature: Monthly Q&A / “Ask Me Anything”

Last week’s poll has closed and the results are clear: there’s more than enough interest to begin a new monthly Q&A / “Ask Me Anything” feature. You have until next Monday, December 11 to get your questions in for the first feature, which will be posted on Thursday, December 14. Read more

7 Critical Powers You Have Right Now

Most serious Pagans avoid the term “powers” like the plague. We prefer terms like “skills” and “wisdom.” But sometimes the situation is desperate. Sometimes skills and wisdom just aren’t enough – you need powers. Read more

For What We Want Most, There Is A Cost To Be Paid

Some of us are called to go off the map in our devotional and magical work. We want to do this work even though there is a cost to be paid. I intend to pay it, because it is what I want most. And I don’t think I’m the only one. Read more

300 Years of Druidry

According to Ross Nichols, the first Druid order of the modern era was founded in London on November 28, 1717. Whether it actually happened like that or not, the re-imagining and re-creation of Druidry has been going on for a very long time. Read more

When Pagans Need Redemption

Pagans don’t talk much about redemption. But while we do not need to be redeemed for the “sin” of being born human, sometimes we fail to uphold our sacred obligations. We are our deeds, and we can’t undo what was done. But we can do our best to make things right, and we can do better going forward. Read more

Gratitude Cannot Be Demanded

As we approach Thanksgiving, let us remember that gratitude is good when you’re being grateful for what you’ve received. When you expect gratitude from others it’s patronizing and contemptuous. Read more

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