Christification: A Lutheran Approach to Theosis

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Summary: The doctrine of theosis has enjoyed a recent resurgence among varied theological traditions across the realms of historical, dogmatic, and exegetical theology. In Christification: A Lutheran Approach to Theosis, Jordan Cooper evaluates this teaching from a Lutheran perspective. He examines the teachings of the church fathers, the New Testament, and the Lutheran Confessional tradition in conversation with recent scholarship on theosis. Cooper proposes that the participationist soteriology…[Read More]


Righteousness of One

The Righteousness of One: An Evaluation of Early Patristic Soteriology in Light of the New Perspective on Paul

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Summary: Since the publication of E.P. Sanders’ Paul and Palestinian Judaism in 1977, Paul’s soteriology has received extensive evaluation in light of second temple Judaism. These works have focused on exegesis of the Pauline text and evaluating Sanders’ proposal of covenantal nomism within the second temple Jewish literature. There has been an unfortunate gap in this discussion: historical theology. This work addresses the…[Read More]


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