On Compassion Toward Transgendered Individuals

It is too often assumed that Christians are opposed to homosexuality and trans issues simply due to personal biases and prejudices. Read more

Matthew Garnett’s Helpful Evaluation of Tullian Tchividjian’s Preaching

+++ Post by Nathan Rinne Matthew Garnett, of the In Layman’s Terms podcast and the Federalist, shared an important piece last week on Facebook about Tullian Tchividjian’s Preaching. As I said there in reply to a critical comment (referring to “fear based heretic hunting”): “I’d say we owe Matthew our thanks for his very insightful and careful article here. Tullian does to, of course! — very kind of Matthew to listen to absolutely everything the man has said, and I… Read more

The Theology of Holy Baptism

On this program, I play a lecture from the Rev. Dr. Curtis E Leins who is the presiding pastor of the AALC. This lecture was given at the celebration of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation in October of 2017. A video is also going to be available on Youtube along with the other talks at the conference. Here is the program Read more

Answering the “God of the Gaps” Argument

In the second video in my recent Youtube series answering the questions of skeptics, I address the God of the gaps argument. I argue that such an argument assumes a view of God which is inconsistent with the Christian faith. Here is the video Read more

Bravehearts and Blackhearts? Milo Yiannopoulos’s and Jordan Peterson’s Divine Gambits

  Prefatory material: My views alone to be sure. Why give this man any time at all? As my Senator Al Franken puts it, because of “lies and the lying liars who tell them.” Milo is no angel to be sure, but for persons even relatively informed about him the pathetic hit pieces get old (a good response on that one, even if the author is wrong about the Reformation). +++ Post by Nathan Rinne I’ll admit it. Men like… Read more

Responding to the Shellfish Argument

One of the most common retorts from skeptics of the Christian faith (especially with those who are unacquainted with basic Christian theology) is that Christians are inconsistent for following the Bible’s stance on sexual ethics and other matters while simultaneously rejecting food restrictions which are apparent in Leviticus, such as the eating of shellfish. I have released a new Youtube video which addresses this question. Check it out here. Read more

Can There Be Protestant Monasticism?

One of the biggest changes that occurred in the ecclesiastical world following the sixteenth century Reformation was the dissolution of monasteries. Read more

Are Good Works Necessary for Salvation? A Response to John Piper

On today’s program, I covered some of the recent controversy surrounding the role of good works in final salvation. I discussed some of the material written by John Piper on the matter, along with other contributors to this debate. I discussed the position of the Formula of Concord on the topic in relation to the Majorist controversy. Here is the program. Also, consider supporting us on Patreon. Read more

Why I Do Not Support Mark Driscoll’s Place on Patheos Evangelical

The Washington Post recently posted an article on Mark Driscoll’s place on this site, questioning why Patheos is giving a platform to someone who is a “disgraced and misogynistic pastor.” The article can be found here. This article outlines some of the problems which have been raised with regard to Driscoll, and focuses especially on his comments about women. The problems with Driscoll are numerous, including financial scandals, plagiarism, and rejection of ecclesiastical authority. These various issues have resulted in… Read more

Presuppositional Apologetics: A Response to Scott Oliphint

On today’s program, I discussed presuppositional apologetics. I responded to some recent comments from Dr. Scott Oliphint on the subject which were highly critical of the classical method. I examined the method of Lutheran dogmaticians in reaction to these models. Here is the program. Also, if you have benefited from the program, consider becoming a contributor through Patreon! Even a small amount helps. Read more

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