Crucifixes and Pictures of Jesus: A Response to Tim Challies


On today's program I responded to a recent post by Tim Challies in which he argued that Protestants should not wear crucifixes. He did this by citing J.I. Packer's book Knowing God. I demonstrate the flaws in Packer's argument, and talk about the usefulness of crucifixes.Here is the program … [Read more...]

A Lutheran Evaluation of Reformed Theology


My new book The Great Divide: A Lutheran Evaluation of Reformed Theology has just been released! Currently, it is only available on, but we be up on Amazon within the coming days. You can purchase the book here.Since the sixteenth century, the Protestant tradition has been divided. The Reformed and Lutheran reformations, though both committed to the doctrine of the sinners justification by faith alone, split over Zwingli and Luther's disagreement over the nature of the … [Read more...]

The Threefold Office of Christ


On today's program, I was joined again by Rev. Lewis Polzin to continue our discussion of Henry Eyster Jacobs' book A Summary of the Christian Faith. We discussed three chapters about the threefold office of Christ: prophet, priest, and king. Unfortunately, my audio file got messed up, so the sound quality is not great.Here is the program … [Read more...]

Two New Books by Charles Porterfield Krauth


Just and Sinner has just released two new volumes of the writings of the great American Lutheran theologian Charles Porterfield Krauth.Holy Baptism: Two Writings on the Subject No doctrine differentiates Confessional Lutherans from the broader Protestant world more than the conviction that regeneration comes through baptism. This volume consists of two treatises by Charles Porterfield Krauth on the subject.The fist work is "Infant Baptism and Infant Salvation in the Calvinistic … [Read more...]

Conversion and Regeneration


On today's program, I continued the series I had been recording on the ordo salutis. I meant to discuss regeneration, conversion, and illumination, but was only able to get to the first two topics within the time constraints.Here is the program.Here are the previous programs in the series:The Ordo SalutisThe Grace of the Holy SpiritThe Call (Vocatio)The Doctrine of Justification … [Read more...]

“Change or Die” or “Change and Die”?: As Pressure Mounts, What Should Christian Colleges and Universities Say?


Post by Nathan RinneI know for a fact that there are Christian universities and colleges in this country that are slowly going to hell. I mean that both figuratively and theologically.The pressure of the world – and its elites – is just too much. I guess Jesus Christ just does not provoke awe and reverence in the same way the world does.The world's elites seem genuinely shocked (give me a break) that Christians have the beliefs they have had for thousands of years (see this which hit … [Read more...]

Two Lectures from Rich Shields


I'm on vacation for two weeks, and so I was unable to record my regular podcast. Instead, I have posted two lectures from the AALC Eastern Regional Conference given by Rev. Rich Shields.The first lecture is a study of Ephesians 4 found here.The second is about character formation here. You can also find these other talks that were given at the conference:Law and Gospel- Rich ShieldsPassive Righteousness- Jordan CooperActive Righteousness- Jordan Cooper … [Read more...]

How Darwin Helps Us See the Truth: Life is About Helping Our Neighbor Survive

saint darwin

Post by Nathan Rinne“You have the God you believe in.” – Martin Luther[warning: this post has a central point, but also touches on many big issues in a process that both meanders and relentlessly "re-frames". Patience may be needed.]Charles Darwin talked about the “truth of the universal struggle for life”, where the “strongest live and the weakest die”. For example, “intelligence is based on how efficient a species became at doing the things they need to survive.”As A.N. Wilson p … [Read more...]

The States of Christ


On today's program, I was joined by Rev. Lewis Polzin from Boars in the Vineyard to continue our discussion of Henry Eyster Jacobs' A Summary of the Christian Faith. On this week's program, we discussed chapter 12 on the States of Christ. We discussed the incarnation, Christ's death, the resurrection, and many other important topics.Here is the program … [Read more...]

Why Every Christian Should be Tempted by “Radical Lutheranism”


Post by Nathan Rinne(Or at least some aspects of “Radical Lutheranism”)There is evidence that even Martin Luther was concerned about appearing too strict. No believer in Christ ever wants to be – or to be labeled – a legalist or Pharisee. They do not want to be seen as persons who live by and from law. They want to be – and be known as – people of grace.This is especially true of Radical Lutherans.“Radical Lutheranism” was a term coined by the conservative ELCA Lutheran theologian … [Read more...]