The Gospel Reading (A Guide to the Liturgy)

 On today's program, I continued our discussion of the Lutheran liturgy. On this episode, we talked about the Gospel reading, Gospel books, processionals, and debates about who should read Scripture in a church service and present children's sermons.Here is the program. … [Read more...]

Is Martin Luther’s Sola Scriptura Our Sola Scriptura?

Post by Nathan RinneAdam Hamilton is the senior pastor of the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas, “one of the fastest growing, most highly visible churches in the country” (see here). He is the author of several popular books, and in his book When Christians Get it Wrong, he writes that the Bible is a document that is both divine and human, which for him means that the authors "were people who had a deep faith in God" who "heard and understood God in light of the … [Read more...]

This Week’s Podcast on Baptized into Christ

On today's program, Lisa Cooper was a guest host, as she interviewed Jordan about his new book Baptized into Christ: A Guide to the Christian Life. They talked about the distinction between law and gospel, baptism, the two kinds of righteousness, and many other important topics.Here is the program.You can buy the book here. … [Read more...]

My New Book, “Baptized into Christ,” is Now Available

 What has God called me to do? How do I love my neighbor? What is my identity? How does the Christian faith impact my daily life? These are among the many questions answered in this book. Throughout this work, Jordan Cooper writes about the essential aspects of how to live as God's child. He writes about the importance of the sacraments, the difference between God's commandments and promises, how to follow Jesus, the nature and purpose of Christian worship, and the different types of … [Read more...]

A Short Selection from my Upcoming Book: Baptized Into Christ

God’s Solution: The GospelThe law is not God’s final word to us. He did not give us a law to condemn us only to leave us in that state of condemnation. Rather, he gave us the law to diagnose our problem so that we might then search for the remedy. God could not have given us the gospel without the law. Picture a doctor approaching you and telling you that you should take a medicine that he then hands you a prescription for. You have no idea why, and as far as you know, you are perfectly hea … [Read more...]

The Mormon Doctrine of God

On today's program, I discussed the Mormon doctrine of God, and its differences with Christian orthodox Trinitarianism. I talked about monotheism vs. polytheism, exaltation to Godhood, theosis, Brigham Young's Adam-God theory, and many other important issues.Here is the program … [Read more...]

Intelligent Public Discourse on Transgenderism – Able to Moderate the Current “Bathroom Battle”?

Post by Nathan RinneIf you are a serious Christian - or even if you aren't - and you feel like you could use a good primer on the issues transgenderism presents, I wrote this article for you. And... I even revised my initial draft with the help of an article by David Blankenhorn about being an effective de-polarizer (learned about it here). We’ll see if it works. : )One can rest assured that most traditional Christians think that the new progressive (will refrain from putting that in s … [Read more...]

Problems with Mormonism: The Doctrine of God

Perhaps the most basic assumption of Christian theology is the contention that there is an ontological distinction between God and man. Divinity and humanity are of two essentially different kinds. This conviction underlies, not only Christianity, but Islam, Judaism, and other monotheistic faiths. That such a distinction exists is so basic to most theological systems that arguing for it might seem unnecessary. If God exists, he is certainly of a different genus, species etc. than man. To be the … [Read more...]

The Use of the Lectionary (A Walk Through the Liturgy)

On today's program, I continued our discussion of the liturgy as we began talking about the Scripture readings. I spent the majority of the program discussing the nature and importance of using a lectionary in worship. I also gave a brief history of the utilization of lectionaries in Christianity and Judaism.Here is the program. … [Read more...]

If Christians Enjoy Making Assertions, Why Speak with Them?

Post by Nathan Rinne "...and I pray that the sharing of your faith may become effective for the full knowledge of every good thing that is in us for the sake of Christ." - Philemon 1:6 Christians, as the 16th century reformer Martin Luther liked to remind us, are those who assert things and even enjoy doing so! So how can this play out in our relationships with others without our being totally obnoxious or even dangerous? (OK, I’ll admit, as someone who has at times alienated family and f … [Read more...]