The First Table of the Commandments’ Relationship to the Third Use of the Law (Part II of II)


Post by Nathan RinneI really don't want anyone to feel like they should read this post. Truth. I would simply prefer that they read part I, say "Amen", and "rejoice evermore" (I Thes. 5:16) with me. I think the words I shared there cover the topic of this article well and are reliable and life-giving words - they basically should not need to be supplemented.But that, sadly, has not been my experience. Hence this part II, which gets into some very painful and even annoying detail in … [Read more...]

The First Table of the Commandments’ Relationship to the Third Use of the Law (Part I of II)


       Post by Nathan RinneDuring the 16th century Reformation, church reformers such as Martin Luther identified, from the Scriptures, three uses of God’s law. Simply put, God's law is that which He commands, and is often accompanied by the threat of punishment and the promise of reward. The first use of the law serves as a curb (as in the curb on a road) which prevents gross outbreaks of human sin, the second use of the law s … [Read more...]

Free Will Before the Fall and After Conversion


On today's program I discussed the nature of human free will in its fourfold state. I spent the majority of the program discussing the nature of free will prior to the fall, and the various definitions of free will that have been explained by different theologians. I also talked about the difference between the regenerate and unregenerate will, and the question of the impeccability of Christ.Here is the program. … [Read more...]

The Doctrine of Illumination


On today's program, I was joined again by Rev. Lewis Polzin to continue our discussion of Henry Eyster Jacobs' book A Summary of the Christian Faith. We continued our overview of the ordo salutis as we discussed Jacobs' chapter on illumination. This led to a number of different topics including: apologetics, the relationship between faith and reason, and the knowledge of the unbeliever.Here is the programNote: Due to the delay in the release of this program, I will be releasing a second p … [Read more...]

Richard Dawkins’ Comments Comparing Christianity and Islam Show Knowledge, Not Wisdom


Post by Nathan RinneVery interesting five-year-old comments made by the famous atheist Richard Dawkins re-surfaced on the internet last week. Now some reading the title of this post might think I am going in a political direction here in response to Dawkins, but I’m not – at least not directly. My goal is actually to “hook you” and lure you into philosophical depths you might otherwise shy away from.I enjoyed this engaging and inspiring (for this Christian!) 5-minute video from Lutheran p … [Read more...]

How to Change the Culture


On today's podcast, I discuss the two kingdoms, and ways in which Christians can initiate cultural change. I discuss the common confusion of the kingdom of the right and left, why liturgy is essential, and involvement in politics, along with several other related topics. Here is the program … [Read more...]

A Very Nice Explanation of Progressive Religion, Filial Foe of Christ


Post by Nathan RinneFirst of all, this post is not about the recent Wheaton college controversy (see last post here), but I think it is likely highly relevant to the situation. It seems increasingly clear that persons like Larycia Hawkins and Miroslav Volf, in spite of their vaunted tolerance, simply have zero respect for the views that Wheaton's administration holds. Volf has insinuated or directly spoken of hatred, enmity, and bigotry and added that the removal of Hawkins was morally … [Read more...]

A Discussion of The Great Divide: A Lutheran Evaluation of Reformed Theology


On today's program, I discussed a number of issues surrounding my book The Great Divide: A Lutheran Evaluation of Reformed Theology. I talked about the variety of perspectives within the Reformed tradition, and the impossibility of explaining the Reformed tradition through one particular school of thought.Here is the program.Update: At one point in the program, I mentioned, regarding Mark Jones, that he considers Tullian and Horton to be influenced by antinomianism. Jones has corrected … [Read more...]

Do Proponents of Other Abrahamic Faiths Worship the Same God? The Answer is Not in Philosophy but in the Distinction Between Law and Gospel


Post by Nathan RinneNote: this is my third post on this issue. The first one, “Wheaton Professor’s Suspension Is Not About Anti-Muslim Bigotry: a Response to Miroslav Volf and Others” (this one is shorter and quite direct), is here, and the second, “When Christians Say “Idolatry”, It Is – or Should Be – Because of Love: Another Appeal to Miroslav Volf” (this one is a bit more challenging), is here. This third post will necessarily be the most nuanced, detailed, and technical of all of these p … [Read more...]

Question and Answer Program (December 2015)


On today's program, I answered a variety of listener questions on a large number of topics. I discussed liturgy, original sin, my favorite theologians, and much more.Here is the program. … [Read more...]