Luther’s Antinomian Disputations for Dummies 5 (of 5): Welcome “Mr. Sin” Boldly!

  Chapter 1: Natural Law in Martin Luther’s Antinomian Disputations Chapter 2: Does the Christian Cease to be Under the Law of God? Chapter 3: If the Law is Abrogated in Jesus Christ How Can the Ten Commandments be Eternal? Chapter 4: Should the Preacher Reduce the Force of God’s Law? +++ Post by Nathan Rinne “Sin boldly” means in no way boldly to sin. But enough about that. Let’s talk about those baptized into Christ welcoming “Mr. Sin” boldly.   … Read more

Martin Luther’s Theology

This is the third in a series of lectures I delivered on the topic The History and Theology of the Reformation. Following up on the previous talk on the life of Martin Luther, in this class I discuss the major theological themes in Luther’s writings. I address these in the context of various debates in which the Reformer was engaged throughout his life. Here is the program. Read more

Luther’s Antinomian Disputations for Dummies 1 (of 5): Natural Law

+++ Post by Nathan Rinne Welcome to the LADFD series: Luther’s Antinomian Disputations for Dummies. Regarding the title of this series — and the photo above, which I had a lot fun generating — I hope you interpret it as I intend: me trying to bring a little humor to a serious issue. I hope you find the following post — admittedly a lot of work to read all the way through! — informative, worthwhile, and done in good faith… Read more

The Life and Legacy of Martin Luther

On today’s podcast, I played a lecture that I gave on the life and legacy of Martin Luther. This is part of a short class I taught on the history and theology of the Reformation in honor of the 500th anniversary of Luther’s nailing the 95 Theses on the church door in Wittenberg. This follows the last podcast, in which I gave some background regarding the theology and practices which developed in the medieval Western church. Here is the program…. Read more

Heretics Tell the Truth

The biggest problem with heretical speech is that it is often right. Read more

Without Tradition as Truth, the West – and the Rest – Cannot Be Saved

Post by Nathan Rinne This past week, responding to the President’s well-received speech in Poland, the Atlantic wrote: “The West is a racial and religious term. To be considered Western, a country must be largely Christian and largely white… He’s not speaking as the president of the entire United States. He’s speaking as the head of a tribe.” Well, excuse me (Rod Dreher’s response to), but I had always assumed people who talk like our President did in Poland not… Read more

Misconceptions about Lutheranism: A Response to James White

On today’s program, I responded to comments from Dr. James White about Lutheranism. I discussed several misconceptions about what Lutherans believe, and addressed the relationship between the Lutheran Confessions and Philip Melanchthon. Here is the program Read more

Are Evolutionary Ethics Good for a Nation?

Formerly, western elites concerned with keeping stability and order were more than happy to use the Bible to help them rule. Read more

Faith and Reason in Luther, Zwingli, and Lutheranism

On today’s program, I dealt with the relationship between faith and reason. I began with a discussion of Luther’s own thought on the topic, while addressing criticisms that he is an irrationalist. I then discussed this in relation to Luther’s distinction between the two kingdoms. I then discussed the idea of paradox and contrasted this approach with that of Zwingli and later Calvinism. Here is the program. Read more

The Doctrine of Objective Justification

On today’s program, I addressed the teaching of objective justification. I responded to some false understandings of this idea, and also responded to some criticisms. I overviewed some of the basic arguments for the teaching, and read citations from Lutheran theologians in the past on the issue. Here is the program This is the critique of objective justification which I cited on the program: ATP Objective Justification. Also, this is the collection of citations put together by Rev. David Jay… Read more