Second Response to Rev. Schwertley on Baptismal Regeneration

On today's program, I continued my response to Rev. Brian Schwertley on the topic of baptismal regeneration. I discussed the relationship between faith and baptism, monergism and baptism, and other important issues.Here is the videoHere is the audio … [Read more...]

Embracing Identity Politics: Why I Am Now a Liberal Christian Nationalist

The Lord is king forever and ever; the nations perish from his land. – Psalm 10Disclaimer: while the author of this post, Nathan Rinne, always speaks only for himself on this blog, I am keen to re-iterate this when it comes to this thought-piece, which I am proposing to encourage both reflection and debate. If you can make the Just and Sinner conference, you can ask Dr. Veith for me what he thinks about some of these ideas!+++Should we be “Cultural Christians”? Even, perhaps, as I … [Read more...]

Christ, Culture, and the Two Kingdoms Conference

This October, we will be hosting our second annual Just and Sinner Conference on the topic: Christ, Culture, and the two Kingdoms. The dates are October 27-29 at Faith Lutheran Church in Watseka, IL. You can sign up at FaithLutheranWatseka.comThe speakers are: Eric Phillips, Gene Edward Veith, and Jordan Cooper.Here is the schedule and lecture topics: Thursday 6:30  Opening worship service led by Rev. Jordan Cooper and Rev. Lewis Polzin7:15 Opening lecture, “The Two Kingdom Pa … [Read more...]

My Book, Hands of Faith, is Now Available for Kindle!

My recent book Hands of Faith: A Historical and Theological Study of the Two Kinds of Righteousness in Lutheran Thought is now available for kindle. You can purchase it here.I also recorded a brief video introduction to the book here.This is the description:It is a common misconception that Lutheran theology is inherently antinomian, or unconcerned with Christian ethics. This unfortunate caricature of the doctrine of the Reformation has been furthered by certain strands of Lutheran … [Read more...]

Numbers 5 and Abortion

The purpose of this post is to summarize an argument made in my recent podcast which can be found here, for those wanting a shorter and more accessible resource on the topic. One of the common arguments thrown around by atheists toward those who hold to the traditional Christian faith (and Christian morality in particular) is that there is a divergence between the beliefs of contemporary Christians and the teachings of Scripture. It is argued that, though Christians today are opposed to … [Read more...]

Does the Bible promote abortion?

On today's program, I responded to atheist youtuber AronRa on the subject of abortion. He argues that the Bible does not prohibit abortion, and that Numbers 5 actually teaches that the Israelites were called to perform abortions. These assertions were demonstrated to be completely baseless.Here is the videoHere is the audio … [Read more...]

The Rorty-ification – and Hegelianization – of the West: A Primer on Social Constructivism and Social Constructionism for Concerned Americans

"There is a deeper pleasure in following truth to the scaffold or the cross, than in joining the multitudinous retinue, and mingling our shouts with theirs, when victorious error celebrates its triumphs." -- Horace Mann, ThoughtsSocial constructivism and social constructionism. What are these things? What do they imply? What are they connected with? Can they, for example, help to explain the recent actions of the Obama administration's Department of Justice? (see here). Including, for … [Read more...]

A Defense of Baptismal Regeneration in Response to Brian Schwertley

On today's program, I defended the doctrine of baptismal regeneration in response to a sermon preached by Rev. Brian Schwertley titled, "Sacramentalism refuted." I addressed the nature of the means of grace, how baptismal efficacy does not negate sola fide, and many other important issues. Check it out!Here is the audio.Here is the video. … [Read more...]

Thomas Aquinas and Thirteenth Century Scholasticism

On today's program, I continued my discussion of scholasticism through giving a historical overview of the thirteenth century, and Thomas Aquinas in particular. I discussed his most important writings and contributions to both theology and philosophy.This program is available in both video (with PowerPoint) and audio.Video is here.Audio is here. … [Read more...]

My First Ever Live Podcast

On today's program, I recorded a question and answer podcast live on facebook. I interacted with listener questions on a number of topics including baptism, the two natures of Christ, the episcopacy, and the the nature of the ministry.You can watch the video on facebook here. Unfortunately, the video did lag some.Here is the audio. … [Read more...]