Post by Nathan Rinne (Note: revised edition of this post from my own blog a few weeks ago…) +++ So, Jordan Peterson. I’m guessing you have heard of him by now. Is he just a high-brow Joel Osteen? More like a secular C.S. Lewis? Just You Tube’s most popular cult leader? * Or, as the world’s most famous communist tells us, the “beloved of the alt-right”?  The conversations will continue. In any case, his star continues to rise. He is indeed… Read more

I I have been repeatedly asked by listeners to interact with both Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro. The recent discussion on the Rubin Report between both of them presented a great opportunity to do so, as they addressed the topic of religion. In this program, I responded to their comments on Christianity, though I dealt primarily with Shapiro’s commentary from a Jewish perspective. I will address the details of Peterson’s interpretation of the Bible on another program in the future…. Read more

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As a follow up to the recent post addressing the lack of nuance in social media discussions on important topics, I recorded a video which addresses five major problems with the intellectual discourse in our current cultural climate. Check it out here. Read more

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This video is a clip from a Q&A podcast in which I addressed the question, “Was Martin Luther a nominalist?” I talked about different philosophical schools of thought and their influence upon the reformer. Read more

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(A video form of this post can also be found here). The Problem of False Revelation Though a relatively young religious movement, the Mormon faith has experienced an extensive amount of revision since its founding in the 1820s to 1840s by Joseph Smith. A number of controversial doctrines were taught by earlier leaders in the movement–especially by Brigham Young–including things like polygamy, blood atonement, and a denial of interracial marriage. Throughout the years, many of these teachings have been officially… Read more

This video is another clip of a live Q&A podcast in which I answered the question: why aren’t you Reformed? Check it out!   Read more

A recent tweet from Desiring God has garnered a lot of attention for its seeming message that if one gazes upon the beauty of God, then one’s mental problems will be resolves. This clearly simplistic explanation got a lot of feedback from those who struggle with depression, anxiety, and other problems. In this video, I address the problems with the tweet, and engage in discussion about how we, as Christians, are to understand depression and anxiety.   Read more

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