Problems with Mormonism: The Book of Abraham

Perhaps the biggest apologetic difficulty for those following the Mormon faith is that surrounding one particular canonical book supposedly translated by Joseph Smith titled The Book of Abraham. This document was purchased by Smith in 1835 from an Egyptian exhibition which was then touring throughout the United States. This occurred prior to the discovery of the Rosetta Stone, and the correct translation of Egyptian characters was then largely unknown. Smith claimed that these ancient Egyptian … [Read more...]

The Theology of Mormonism

On today's program, I discussed the history and theology of Mormonism. I discussed Mormon apologetics, and the errors in their manner of thinking and argumentation. This should serve as an introduction for those who live in areas that are heavily populated by Mormons and aren't familiar with their beliefs, especially for those who want to bring the gospel to those who are in the LDS movement.Here is the program. … [Read more...]

The Critical Text: Very Word of God? Fallible “Witness” of Man? Both!?

Post by Nathan Rinne "But the notion that in Scripture some things are recondite and all is not plain was spread by the godless Sophists (whom now you echo Erasmus)--who have never yet cited a single item to prove their crazy view; nor can they. And Satan has used the unsubstantial spectres to scare men off reading the sacred text and to destroy all sense of its value, so as to ensure that his own brand of poisonous philosophy resigns supreme in the church." – Martin Luther to Erasmus Original … [Read more...]

Preaching and Law and Gospel

On this week's program, I spent the hour discussing a number of different issues surrounding the nature of preaching. I began with the question, "Should a pastor preach a sermon that is all law?" This led to a number of further questions surrounding preaching and law and gospel.Here is the program … [Read more...]

Q&A April 2016

On today's program, I spent the hour discussing listener questions. We covered a variety of topics including closed communion, church fellowship, ecclesiology, the words of institution, and much more.Here is the program … [Read more...]

Satan Playing the Long Game? What’s the Problem with the Critical Text?

Post by Nathan RinneUpdate: a good amount of discussion has ensued in response to this post, but mostly on Facebook. You can find some of the questions posed and my answers at a follow-up post here on my personal blog, theology like a child.Despite the picture and provocative caption that leads off this post, it is not really about the molehill that is Bart Ehrmann. It rather attempts to critically address, in a thoughtful way, the modernist / Enlightenment world of biblical criticism … [Read more...]

Family Worship

On today's program, I was joined by my wife Lisa Cooper to discuss family worship. We talked about the three most important aspects of family worship: prayer, catechesis, and hymnody. We discussed the practices that we have used ourselves, relevant Biblical texts, and contemporary resources to help in this practice.Here is the program … [Read more...]

Does the Bible Support Slavery?

In the age of 140 character arguments and memes, we have sometimes lost the ability to structure a coherent argument to argue for any particular ideological position, and, instead, simply throw out short pithy statements to defend our particular perspectives. Though I am, by no means, arguing that Christians are not also guilty of this, one of the groups that I most-often see utilizing short and un-researched arguments in memes, tweets, etc. are atheists. These misconceptions are then … [Read more...]

Holy Week Sermons

These are my sermons preached from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday at Faith Lutheran Church in Watseka, IL.Palm Sunday (Deuteronomy 32:36-39)Maundy Thursday (Exodus 12)Good Friday (Psalm 22)Easter Sunday (Job 19:23-29) … [Read more...]

Sermons on Christ in the Old Testament

Throughout Lent, I have been preaching on Christ in the Old Testament during our midweek services. These messages are now available online.The First Promise of the Gospel (Genesis 3:15)The Abrahamic Promise (Genesis 15)A Prophet Like Moses (Deuteronomy 18)The Davidic Covenant (2 Samuel 7)The Levitical Priesthood (Exodus 29) … [Read more...]