The States of Christ


On today's program, I was joined by Rev. Lewis Polzin from Boars in the Vineyard to continue our discussion of Henry Eyster Jacobs' A Summary of the Christian Faith. On this week's program, we discussed chapter 12 on the States of Christ. We discussed the incarnation, Christ's death, the resurrection, and many other important topics.Here is the program … [Read more...]

Why Every Christian Should be Tempted by “Radical Lutheranism”


Post by Nathan Rinne(Or at least some aspects of “Radical Lutheranism”)There is evidence that even Martin Luther was concerned about appearing too strict. No believer in Christ ever wants to be – or to be labeled – a legalist or Pharisee. They do not want to be seen as persons who live by and from law. They want to be – and be known as – people of grace.This is especially true of Radical Lutherans.“Radical Lutheranism” was a term coined by the conservative ELCA Lutheran theologian … [Read more...]

Why Young Earth Creationism is Too Liberal

faith, reason, and earth history

Post by Nathan Rinne(goes for all of my posts here, but please note that I speak for no one but myself) "[Science can become], as someone has put it, ‘an organized way of going wrong with confidence.” – Leonard Brand (p. 32) First of all, no apologies for the “click-bait” title. I will admit that part of me wanted to make that title a question – as I have big ideas to share and want to get everyone (me included) thinking and talking and questioning (again, questioning me as well! - I don’t … [Read more...]

On Gay “Marriage”

(by Eric Phillips)The practice of homosexuality is a sin. It’s not just a perversion of nature; it’s clearly condemned in both the Old Testament and the New Testament (e.g. Lev. 20:13, Rom. 1:22-27). But God has not called upon civil government to criminalize every sin,* and we, as Americans, are just as happy He hasn’t. We like our freedoms. We like it when the state stays out of the personal lives of consenting adults. We stand up for the other guy’s civil rights because in so doing, we are … [Read more...]

This Week’s Program: The Ecclesiastical Text and Textual Criticism


On today's program I discussed the Ecclesiastical Text theory of Theodore Letis. I explained my perspective on this issue in defense of the Majority Text over the Critical Text. I briefly talked about King James Only views, and gave a short explanation of textual transmission.Here is the program. … [Read more...]

The Ecclesiastical Text Versus the Critical Text


I wrote a post about the ESV a few weeks ag0 (which you can find here), and this seems to have sparked a number of debates surrounding the Ecclesiastical Text and the modern Critical Text. James White responded to my post on the Dividing Line, and quite honestly, I had no desire to get into an extensive debate over the issue. However, since White's program aired, discussion seems to be constant surrounding some of these issues. This is my attempt to give an explanation of my perspective on these … [Read more...]

Diagnosing Christian Bad Boy Syndrome


Post by Nathan RinneActually, I am dealing with Lutheran bad boys in particular here, but perhaps some of what I talk about may be more broadly applicable.(and for those inclined to diagnose me, I have never been nor ever will be a "charismatic figure" and/or "bad boy", though, I confess that according to my flesh I have, pathetically and sinfully, imagined myself capable of being one - and imagined the "benefits" I might accrue thereby. "Ah, sounds like 'sour grapes"' some may think.. : … [Read more...]

Biblical Patriarchy: An Introduction


Since the rise of feminism in the early twentieth century, conservative Christians have attempted to give Biblical answers and alternatives to societal movements that are opposed to Biblical ethics and the Biblical family structure. Some have adopted an egalitarian approach, thus capitulating to the norms of contemporary society. They argue that the church has been wrong about the family structure all along. Husbands and wives do not have distinct roles within the family, the church, or society. … [Read more...]

Abortion in Early Church History and Scripture


On today's program I discussed abortion in light of the recent events surrounding Planned Parenthood. I examine early Christian teaching on the subject, and briefly overviewed the Biblical reasons why abortion is sinful.Here is the program … [Read more...]

Trying to Purge the Synergism from ‘Intuitu Fidei’

(By Eric Phillips)Having preached on Eph. 1:3-14 this past Sunday (see below for a link to that sermon), I've been thinking about predestination lately. I consulted Lenski's commentary while preparing, and I know he was an intuitu fidei guy (considering Election to be based on God's Foreknowledge of the person's faith), so I was wary. But while I did end up disagreeing with his interpretation of the passage, I also found that his understanding was more nuanced than I had been expecting. … [Read more...]