Christian Liberty, 2KR, and Infant Baptism

On today's program, I addressed a number of listener questions. I discussed Christian liberty and the use/non-use of alcohol, some thoughts on the two kinds of righteousness in relation to my most recent book, as well as the efficacy of regeneration as connected with infant baptism.I apologize for the not-so-great audio quality.Here is the program … [Read more...]

No, Lutherans are not Myopically Focused on Individual Salvation

It's a criticism that I hear often, especially from Confessionally Reformed  believers: "all you Lutherans care about is individual salvation. You don't have any place for Christian worldview, political activism, etc." This caricature has spread further through NT Wright's (mis)understanding of Luther, as an individualistic guilt-obsessed reader of Paul. While it is certainly true that the doctrine of justification has a central role in Lutheran thought in a way that it doesn't elsewhere in … [Read more...]

Shocking Confession: I’m a Christian Millennial and I Don’t Drink

There's a conversation that I always dread. I'm about to get together with a group of Christians, either out at a restaurant somewhere, or at someone's home, and at some point I'm going have to utter these embarrassing words: "I don't drink." What? You don't drink? Are you some kind of legalist? It feels like the shameful admission of a high school boy to his friends that he has never kissed a girl. If you don't drink... you're not really one of us. You haven't been initiated into the cool club … [Read more...]

Stop the Political Posturing and Preach the Gospel

Like everyone old enough to have been cognizant on September 11, 2001, I have vivid memories of finding out about the attack on the world trade center, as well as the response that occurred afterward. The months following this devastating attack, while a difficult time, is the last time I remember Americans joining together to mourn this horrific loss of life. Yes, the political divides soon became apparent regarding exactly how this situation was to be dealt with, but at least for a time, there … [Read more...]

Q&A July 6, 2016

On today's program, I answered a number of listener questions on a wide variety of topics. I discussed Holy Communion, eschatology, Anglicanism, and other important subjects.Here is the program.I mentioned two previous programs I had done on the subject on purgatory. Here they are:Part 1Part 2 … [Read more...]

Lutheranism Among Other Christian Traditions

Over these last four weeks, on the podcast I have been playing a series of talks I gave under the general heading: "Lutheranism among other Christian traditions." These talks are now all available. You can find links to all of them here.Lutherans and BaptistsLutherans and PresbyteriansLutherans and Roman CatholicsLutherans and PentecostalsHopefully you find these to be a useful series of talks. … [Read more...]

A Classic Work on the Atonement Now Made Available

The most recent book from Just and Sinner Publications is an important one, as the doctrine of vicarious satisfaction continues to be critiqued from several fronts. Though speaking to nineteenth century theologians, the criticisms addressed by Remensnyder in this work remain today. This book was written by Lutheran theologian Junius Remensnyder (author of The Lutheran Manual), and has a forward by Reformed theologian B.B. Warfield.Here is the product info:The Atonement and Modern … [Read more...]

Should the Christian Live in Fear of God?

Post by Nathan RinneIntro: The Fear-Invoking Athanasian Creed?The Christian - who is justified by God's grace in Jesus Christ though faith - should be at peace with God and not live in fear of him, correct?This would seem to be logical consequence of a message like that of Romans 5:1: "Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ." And yet, for confessional Christians who recite the Athanasian Creed once a year (as we did a … [Read more...]

A Christian Newsletter that you Should all Subscribe to

I was recently asked to do the layout for our Synod's bimonthly magazine titled The Evangel. I gave our layout editor, who just recently got married, a break this month. My wife is the content editor for the magazine as well. This is the official newsletter of the American Association of Lutheran Churches. In it, you can find edifying theological articles as well as updates about our congregations. You can subscribe electronically for free here. Download the latest issue here. … [Read more...]

Heartfelt Spiritual Counsel for “Fabulous Internet Supervillain” Milo Yiannopoulos

Post by Nathan RinneI recently watched a couple of interviews (here and here) the ever controversial Breitbart journalist Milo Yiannopoulos did with “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson about his new movie “Torchbearer”. According to an article from the same Breitbart news, the film’s "thesis" is that “sin has become mainstream in Western culture, which will soon lead to societal destruction.”Yiannopoulos himself, a vigorous proponent and practitioner of free speech, identifies as both … [Read more...]