Christological Heresies


On today's program I was joined by Rev. Lewis Polzin to continue discussing Henry Eyster Jacobs book A Summary of the Christian Faith. We began talking about Christology, and spent the entire program discussing early Christological heresies.Here is the program … [Read more...]

Why Does the Marriage Debate Matter?


Today is a historic day in Western civilization, as the Supreme Court case regarding homosexual marriage begins. I think many of us expect what the outcome of this case is going to be, and that soon same-sex marriage is going to be accepted in all fifty of these United States. As the culture continues down this path, those who hold to traditional views of family are going to be continually marginalized as being on the "wrong side of history." I don't want to get into particular political … [Read more...]

I Guess Atheists Believe in Teleology as Well: Review of Rebecca Goldstein’s “Plato at the Googleplex”


Post by Nathan RinneNote: This post is an updated and mostly abbreviated version of one I did at my own blog originally titled "Intelligent Design Even an Atheist Can Love: a Not-So-New “Logos” Reasserted".  I also did a follow-up to that post titled "The Gods of our Brahmins: Thomas Nagel’s and Rebecca Goldstein’s Intelligent Designers".In sum: Years ago, Phillip Johnson’s Darwin on Trial started what came to be known as the “intelligent design movement", which made the case for the bank … [Read more...]

New Release: Commentary on Matthew by Charles F. Schaeffer

The Lutheran Commentary Series is the first series of Lutheran commentaries written in English. These volumes were compiled by Henry Eyster Jacobs, who called upon the greatest Lutheran exegetes in America to write a series of commentaries on the New Testament. The first commentary was published in 1895, and the publications continued through the early twentieth century. These volumes cover the entirety of the New Testament.The volumes in this series are unabashedly Lutheran. Each author … [Read more...]

Two Sermons on 1 John


These two sermons were preached on the last two Sundays at Faith Lutheran Church in Watseka, IL1 John 11 John 3:1-7 … [Read more...]

Law and Gospel with Rich Shields


On today's program I played a lecture from Rev. Rich Shields given at the 2015 AALC Eastern Regional Conference here in Watseka, IL. This followed my lectures on passive righteousness and active righteousness. The topic is the distinction between law and gospel.Here is the program. … [Read more...]

All Things Dying: Why Even Grace-Promoting Pagan Elites are Ridden by the Devil


Post by Nathan Rinne Note: I am republishing this [slightly revised] book review I did in 2013 of Dreyfus and Kelly's All Things Shining (2011). I was interested to see the book mentioned often (not favorably) in James K.A. Smith's book How (Not) to be Secular: Reading Charles Taylor (2014), which deals in particular with Taylor's magnum opus A Secular Age. Re: the title, the answer is this: because only the risen Christ is Lord of all and the giver of all good gifts. That’s it.But the w … [Read more...]

Five Things the Church Can Do to Change the Culture

Christians like to talk quite a bit about changing culture. This is a concern for people especially as we see the continued moral decay of our society, and a church that continues to accommodate itself to the ideals of the time. Yet, the ways that the church has tried to have a positive impact on society have often been less than helpful.While, as a Lutheran, I don't think it's the church's primary role to "redeem the culture," I believe that as Christians, we should care about what happens … [Read more...]

The Plea of a Stubborn “Confessional” Lutheran: Yes, My “Missional” Friend, Please DO Condemn My Lack of Love for the Lost


Post by Nathan RinneNote: what follows deals with the “worship wars” in my denomination, the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (see the second paragraph here for more resources about that). I think that it might have much wider applicability as well though!In John 6:66 we are told that many of his own disciples went away from Jesus after he explained to a crowd that without eating His body and drinking His blood persons cannot have eternal life: “As a result of this many of His disciples … [Read more...]

Active Righteousness


This is my second lecture from the AALC Eastern Regional Conference on the two kinds of righteousness. The title of the lecture is "Equipping the Saints to Live Coram Mundo." This lecture focuses on active righteousness. In it, I discuss the importance of good works in the life of the Christian, and their role in Christian preaching and living. I explore the importance of serving the spiritual and physical needs of those around us.Here is the audio.This is the handout that goes along … [Read more...]