June 12, 2018

On an episode of the sci-fi television series The Orville, the members of the crew land on a planet which looks similar to twenty-first century earth. Throughout the episode, they discover a rather odd judicial system. Individuals each have up-vote and down-vote buttons on them which are given dependent upon their actions. With enough down votes, a person is then given an opportunity to ride the media circuit in order to explain and defend themselves and their bad actions. After… Read more

June 9, 2018

On this program, I continued my discussion on contemporary views of gender. I spent the majority of the program discussing Marxism as well as some basics of Postmodernism. I also gave a brief overview of the impact of existential philosophy on feminist philosophy. This is all done so that we have a better understanding of where the modern world is and how we can give a Biblical response. Here is the program. Read more

June 1, 2018

On a recent Q&A program, I was told by a listener that all of the fathers of the church held to a chiliast view of the end times. This is a response to that question, wherein I note that there are several different eschatological views in the early church. Here is the video. Read more

May 26, 2018

On this program, I discussed the confusion surrounding gender in our culture. I address the ideological foundations of where we are today, especially through the loss of classical essentialist philosophy with the rise of existentialism, Marxism, and Postmodernism. Here is the program. Read more

May 23, 2018

In this video, I address the relationship between Lutheranism and covenant theology. Nearly every time I ask for questions to be addressed on the podcast, this subject comes up. I address the difference between dispensational and covenantal theology and the place of Lutheran thought within these debates.   Here is the video Read more

May 3, 2018

Post by Nathan Rinne (This will be my last post here for several months. Taking a break for a while.) +++   In my last post, I spoke about Christian marriage as the real “antidote to chaos”. It is now time to talk about fatherhood as a corollary “antidote” to chaos (and men in general should take note as well). Are men increasingly irrelevant? Men are only irrelevant if you don’t think we need God. The most memorable post that… Read more

April 25, 2018

The contemporary world, and the church in particular, has been challenged by ever-shifting views on the nature of gender, leading to the modern notion that gender is not essential, but a social construct. In this first of a series of videos, I address the beginnings of this ideological shift with an explanation of Simone de Beauvoir’s book The Second Sex. Read more

April 24, 2018

via IFTTT Read more

April 20, 2018

+++ Post by Nathan Rinne Did the 16th century church reformer Martin Luther believe that there was a “War of the Sexes”? One can certainly make that case. He writes: There are many pagan books which treat of nothing but the depravity of womankind and the unhappiness of the estate of marriage, such that some have thought that even if Wisdom itself were a woman one should not marry. A Roman official was once supposed to encourage young men to… Read more

April 12, 2018

Today’s program is an introduction to apologetics as well as a brief overview of apologetic methodologies. I discuss evidentialism, classical apologetics, presuppositionalism, as well as fideism and the importance of defending the Christian faith. Here is the program Read more

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