Welcome to Light on Kundalini!

Welcome to Light on Kundalini! December 11, 2015

It’s my distinct honor to welcome a bright new light to Patheos Spirituality—the founder and primary teacher of Light on Kundalini in Boulder, Colorado—Karuna.

Whether you’re a devout student of Yogi Bhajan’s distinctive Kundalini teachings, or you may be a yogi or yogini of another wisdom branch, or perhaps you’re just beginning to explore what yoga means to you, I’m pleased to welcome you to a blogging community that will enrich and bless your life.

Karuna teaches yoga as a way of life that begins with pure love and flows into enhanced health, vitality, strength, and grace for your body, mind, and spirit. She generously and humbly shares from the heart and shows by her example and vision the way toward your very best life. That, of course, takes a different form for each person. Only an open-hearted, wise, and experienced teacher like Karuna can offer every person who comes to her classroom—in person or virtually—a gentle and loving formula for a more peaceful, healthy, and prosperous life. As you get to know her, as I’ve been blessed to do, you will recognize that the deep inner beauty she exudes is accessible to us all.

Karuna’s outer beauty led her to a career as a Ford model, where she appeared as Victoria’s Secret’s first cover girl and worked with the most prestigious agencies around the world. Her love of yoga, which she developed as a young child, was essential to her as she navigated the many deep, dark illusions surrounding beauty in the fashion industry. While studying at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in England, she began teaching yoga to her classmates and, later, helped develop the Life Center’s yoga program in London. As actor Anthony Hopkins once told her, “You have to find yourself to be yourself.”

Karuna has been helping people find themselves through Light on Kundalini for years. True to her spiritual name, which means compassion, Karuna likens herself to a coach, helping students push beyond self-imposed limits. Her written and video teachings here at Patheos will help you find yourself in a new way.

Are you ready to learn how the great yogis and yoginis find deep and lasting peace, cultivate health and longevity, and maintain the kind of beauty and joy that lights up every room they enter? If so, sign up to follow Karuna’s Light on Kundalini blog at Patheos.

With deepest gratitude,

Kate Sheehan Roach

Managing Editor, Patheos Spirituality

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