Why Do Kundalini Yoga, Anyway?

Why Do Kundalini Yoga, Anyway? December 4, 2015

Teaching Kundalini Yoga for over 25 years in the lineage of the great Sikh teacher Yogi Bhajan, I have witnessed, through work with hundreds of students young and old, the profound “technology” of Kundalini Yoga. Having trained in all the Yogas, the fruits of Discipline and Lifestyle from Kundalini Yoga appear, in my experience, to surpass all other Yogic modalities in which I have trained or taught. So, it is a great gift for anyone to discover this tradition.

This ancient yogic practice, combined with modern elements of lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and wellness is a powerful tool for productive modern-day living, not to mention spiritual transformation.

As practiced in a modern setting, authentic Kundalini Yoga offers a sincere Discipline of Devotion and an Awareness to keep one on “top of one’s game” — with Vitality and Strength to meet these critical times of change. Kundalini Yoga’s openness to Listen and the Recognition of the Neutral Mind offers a balance for the emotional body to no longer live in a Reactive State.

Kundalini Yoga is today globally joining the many “wisdom resources” now available to us in an emerging world community of universal spirituality and trans-traditional spiritual practice. Such world-centric awareness is crucial for a world we want to see– emerging in a healthy globalization and multiculturalism. Of our currently available “wisdom resources” and tools, Kundalini Yoga is one of the most potent and practical practices available.

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