Meditation for Protection & Positivity!

Meditation for Protection & Positivity! April 12, 2017

This week I’m demonstrating the Divine Shield Meditation, which charges your electromagnetic field and creates a layer of protection and positivity surrounding you.

How does this work? Well, your aura can be temporarily expanded. One way is to connect your aura with the universal field by using an inner seed sound that activates the power of the Heart Center. The compassion of the universe uplifts and expands you. It provides a Divine Shield to accompany you through your trials and tribulations. This meditation does exactly that. If you make it a regular practice, you will become positive, fearless, and happy. Nothing will stop you as you pursue your goals. It will eliminate the feeling of loneliness and separation from your soul.

The sound of MAAA calls on compassion and protection. It is the sound that a baby uses to call on the mother. Here, your soul is the child, and the universe becomes the Mother. If you call, She will come to your aid and comfort. When this shield is strong, it is easy to sense the tide of the universe, the Tao. You become spontaneous and vital as you move in rhythm with the greater reality, of which you are a part. When the shield is strong you are protected from the impact of your own past actions. You are like a great ship that turns toward God and reality and then must cross the waves of your own wake that you created by your past actions. The shield keeps you alert and awake to the real task of your life.

It is important to conduct the meditation for 11 minutes on the right side, then 11 minutes on the left side. Sat nam!

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