Dear Tim Tebow Haters: This Is What Love Looks Like … on a Night to Shine

Dear Tim Tebow Haters: This Is What Love Looks Like … on a Night to Shine February 14, 2016


He’s never been arrested or caught in a compromising position. He’s never trash-talked anyone or played dirty. No one has ever even recorded him using foul language.

And, he’s a fearless public Christian.

Yet, lots of people hate on former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, including fellow Christians. But on Friday, Feb. 12, he and his Tim Tebow Foundation gathered together more than 70,000 volunteers at more than 200 churches in the U.S. and other countries to give special-needs teens over 16 and adults the night of their lives.

Night to Shine crowned over 32,000 “kings and queens” at proms that featured red carpets, volunteer “paparazzi,” caregivers and “buddies” that helped people often forgotten by society to be the stars of the show.

I scanned the list of U.S. participants, and I did find St. Malachy’s Catholic Church in New York City, but we were underrepresented in the United States, compared to Evangelical, Lutheran, Methodist and Baptist communities. This is year two of this event; let’s see if we can do better next time.

Pope Francis has repeatedly called on us to reach out to the marginalized, and I can only imagine he’d give Night to Shine a big thumbs-up.

As Tebow said in the video to all the “kings and queens” being celebrated, “That’s how God sees you.”

Here’s a look at how the night rolled out:


One of my favorite queens! #NighttoShine

A photo posted by Tim Tebow (@timtebow) on

#NightToShine What a night… God is SO good!   A video posted by Tim Tebow Foundation (@timtebowfoundation) on


Here’s a look at a promo for this year’s event at Stuart Heights Baptist Church in Hixson, Tennessee, featuring hightlights from 2015…

Image: Tim Tebow Foundation Facebook page

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